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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge And Sony Xperia ZL Get Official TWRP Support


T-Mobile Galaxy Note Edge Starts Receiving Lollipop Update


Galaxy Note 4 And Note Edge On US Cellular Receive Android Lollipop


Lollipop Is Rolling Out Now To The Sprint Note 3 And Note Edge


Samsung Rolls Out A Lollipop Update To The Galaxy Note Edge In Australia

The Galaxy Note Edge is a little weird, a little out there. So it's only appropriate that Samsung has chosen Australia as the first place to roll out the phone's Lollipop update. According to SamMobile, Note Edge owners in Oz started seeing the update late last night local time, at least for the SM-N915G variant of the phone. As far as we've seen, Australia is the first market to get the update for the Note Edge.

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Verizon Picks Up The Galaxy Note Edge Priced At $399 With A Two-Year Contract Or $799 Without

Three of America's five largest carriers all started selling Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge back in early November for a price just short of physically painful. For whatever reason, Verizon Wireless (along with US Cellular) needed an extra two months to add the device to its lineup.

Fortunately, there's a bright side. While the Big Red still wants the same $399.99 with a two-year contract, it's only asking for $799.99 to sell the phone outright.

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The Galaxy Note Edge Comes To US Cellular Wednesday, January 7th For $399 On-Contract

Samsung's experiment made consumer product, the Galaxy Note Edge, is already available in international unlocked versions and through AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The next American carrier to bite on the device with the curved screen is US Cellular, which will start selling the Note Edge on Wednesday. A standard two-year contract will get you the phone for a hefty $399 (which is actually in line with AT&T and Sprint's contract pricing), or you can split the payments up into undisclosed bits with no money down.

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Galaxy Note Edge [Very] Quick Review: I'm Sure It Looks Good In The Print Ads

Nearly two years ago, Samsung unveiled a prototype for a curved-edge display in a smartphone. They didn't give it a name, and most of us assumed it was a one-off engineering experiment that would never be explored much further. As it turns out, we were wrong - Samsung apparently set to work putting one half of the concept in production (as in, only one curved side on the screen), and now we have the Galaxy Note Edge.

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Galaxy Note Edge Now On Sale In The US From Most Carriers With Prices Starting At A Staggering $399.99 On-Contract

The Galaxy Note Edge is now available in the US from most of the major carriers, and to anyone out there who wants its intriguing curved strip of extra screen space, well, it's going to cost you. If you missed our last report, then you might want to sit down. This handset comes in at roughly $900 off-contract, and even if you're thinking of making a two-year commitment, you will still have to hand over the cost of one 32GB Nexus 5.

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IK Multimedia Announces iRig HD-A And Amplitube For Android, But It's Only Available On The Note 4 And Note Edge Right Now

Guys, it's happening. It's really happening – a real guitar amp simulator is available on Android. IK Multimedia's Amplitube is one of the most popular amp sims on iOS, and the company has been working with Samsung to bring it to Android. But, of course, there's a catch: it's only for the Note 4 and Note Edge for now.

Apparently, Samsung found a way to virtually eliminate the audio-in latency issue that has plagued Android since the dawn of time – an issue that iOS never had.

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