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Android 10 stable is rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy M20 and M30 in India

Samsung published a roadmap detailing when its devices would receive Android 10, and apparently, the company is right on schedule. It's already released the latest OS upgrade to many Galaxy S10 units around the world, and it has just started pushing out the update to the midrange Galaxy M20 and M30 in India — as promised, the software is arriving before the end of the year.

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Samsung leak hints at big 6,000mAh battery in upcoming Galaxy M phone

There's no shortage of mid-range phones with multi-day batteries in these times. If you want a 4,000mAh phone for a couple hundred bucks, you've got it. A 5,000mAh brick for even less? Cheers. A 6,000mAh device? You'll either have to wait to spend beaucoup bucks on the Asus ROG Phone II or, perhaps better yet, you should move to India: there have been some signals that Samsung is ready to ride that power pack with a new Galaxy M series phone.

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Netflix adds HDR certification for Galaxy S10 lineup, HD support for Galaxy M-series and latest Snapdragon chipsets

Whenever a major new Android device debuts, Netflix tends to add HD and HDR certification to it. Of course, that's not always the case, but Samsung is too big a name to ignore. The Galaxy S10 phones can now play Netflix video in HDR, and lower-end Galaxy M-series devices and newer Snapdragon chipsets now have HD support.

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