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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook drops to $799 ($200 off) at Best Buy

Pixelbook aside, Chromebooks have a reputation for being slow, plasticky, and generally not very good-looking. The Galaxy Chromebook, however, defies all that with a premium processor, an aluminum chassis, and an eye-catching design. Best Buy is currently offering the Galaxy Chromebook for $799, $200 off MSRP — a healthy discount on a pretty new laptop.

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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook vs. Pixelbook Go: Which should you buy?

Samsung surprised us at CES this year with the Galaxy Chromebook, a high-end convertible Chrome OS laptop whose thin, angular body is awfully reminiscent the original Pixelbook. It's on sale today. But Google's got its own new laptop bearing the Pixel family name in the Pixelbook Go, which you can spec all the way up to a 4K display and Intel Core i7 processor. If you're on the hunt for a premium Chrome device, these two should be high on your list, but which should you buy? Let's discuss.

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Samsung’s premium Galaxy Chromebook is coming to the US in April without LTE (Update: Available now)

Google’s original Pixelbook offered a premium option to anyone looking for a high-end Chrome OS convertible. More than two years since, we haven’t seen a proper follow-up, and all we got last year was a plasticky, $650 Pixelbook Go, which, by the way, we liked quite a bit. At last month’s CES event, Samsung came out with the Galaxy Chromebook, which David thought could be a worthy successor to the 2017 Google laptop. The Samsung convertible is now headed to the US, according to an online listing, but it won’t get an LTE variant.

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Chromebooks get PIP for Netflix, Ambient EQ coming to more devices

Picture-in-picture, or PIP, is easy to take for granted when the majority of services and devices have supported it for years. But for those of us using Chromebooks, that's not the case. Hardly any apps or services supported it at all until Google released a Chrome extension last January that allowed you to trigger PIP with a keyboard shortcut. It was a start, but having to activate it manually each time was a pain. Thankfully, PIP will now work as it does on Android if you're using Netflix.

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The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is the Pixelbook 2 we never got

The Galaxy Chromebook is probably the most interesting Chromebook to launch since the original Google Pixelbook. And, in many ways, that's because it represents something of a spiritual successor to Google's beloved premium ultraportable.

Speaking to Kan Liu, senior director of product management on Chrome OS, that's because it really is. The Galaxy Chromebook takes the things that made Google's Pixelbook great—amazing portability, a top-notch display, and a premium processor—and kicks all of them up a notch. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is thinner, lighter, (much) faster, and has a screen that's considerably nicer to look at than the Pixelbook's. But it packs the same ultra-thin, fully convertible form factor that made the Pixelbook such a popular choice among Chrome OS enthusiasts.

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