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Open box first-gen Galaxy Buds are $65 (50% off) on eBay

Samsung's latest Galaxy Buds+ are some of our favorite true wireless earbuds, but we shouldn't forget the original Galaxy Buds either. Although they lack some of the fancy new features found in this year's model, they still sound and feel great. They arguably even look better, thanks to a matte finish as opposed to the gloss of the Buds+. The price difference between the two models is usually only $20, but eBay is currently selling open-box first-gen Buds for only $65 (50% off).

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Samsung's first-gen Galaxy Buds are now just $76 on eBay

The Galaxy Buds+ are the hot new audio product on the block, but the first-generation Galaxy Buds are still an excellent buy (especially at recently-reduced prices). Last month, you could get refurbished Galaxy Buds from Best Buy for just $60, but now they are available new from eBay for only a bit more money.

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The BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ will be available in the US

The Korean phenomenons BTS and Samsung have teamed up to release special editions of the Galaxy S20+, S20+ 5G, and the Galaxy Buds+, as previously leaked. Like the Galaxy Note10's Star Wars edition and the Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games version before them, the products come with cosmetic software changes, another coat of paint, custom packaging, and extra goodies in the box. They'll even be available in the US, which is unusual.

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The first-gen Samsung Galaxy Buds are $90 today on Amazon

They're not Samsung's most current earbuds, but the first-generation Galaxy Buds are still a very solid true wireless option, featuring conveniences like USB-C and wireless charging. They retail for $130, but you can pick up a pair today for just $90 on Amazon.

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Latest Galaxy Buds/Buds+ plugin update adds useful homescreen widgets (APK Download)

Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ are some of the best true wireless earphones available, with plenty of features, great battery life, and good sound. Not content to leave them as they are, Samsung continues to improve both the new Buds+ and the original Buds from last year through frequent software updates. This week Samsung started rolling out new features to the companion app, adding two useful homescreen widgets to compliment your earbuds.

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Snag a pair of refurbished Galaxy Buds from Best Buy today for just 60 bucks

The first-generation Galaxy Buds were released last year to great acclaim for their well-rounded sound quality, above-average battery life, and comfortable design. Even though they aren't the new kids on the block anymore, they're still a solid option that's hard to resist now that they're so cheap.

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Samsung's letting customers in South Korea mix and match colors for Galaxy Buds+, and we're pretty envious

Samsung is running a promotion over the next two months back in its home market of South Korea. A new in-person "event" will let customers mix and match different colors for earbuds and charging cases when buying the company's latest Galaxy Buds+. So if you want a red right earbud and blue for the left, you can get them together — all in a subdued black charging case, if you like. The only color that's missing is the green of my mad, US-based envy.

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First-gen Samsung Galaxy Buds gain some features from Buds+ with latest update

Samsung is one of the only other phone makers that makes worthy alternatives to Apple's AirPods, taking cues from their seamless pairing process. The first-gen Galaxy Buds were a stepping stone in that direction, with the newly released Buds+ building upon their predecessor to iron out some of the lingering flaws and add a few new features. Samsung is now bringing some of those enhancements to its older pair through a software update, extending their shelf life a bit.

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Galaxy S10 Lite on sale in US starting at $650, comes with free Galaxy Buds at Amazon

It's been a busy week in smartphone-dom with OnePlus and Apple pulling out new releases. Add to this havoc the Galaxy S10 redux that Samsung announced at CES this year and we've got a party going on: the Galaxy S10 Lite finally comes on sale today starting at $650.

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Samsung's supposed next-gen Galaxy Buds 'Beans' could feature ANC, cost less than $150

We only recently got an upgraded pair of Galaxy Buds+ from Samsung, at the same time as the Galaxy S20 series was launched, and they offer superior battery life and improved sound in a practically identical form factor. If a new report from WinFuture is to be believed, Samsung's next-generation true wireless earbuds could introduce a new design the like of which we've not seen before.

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