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Swatch sues Samsung over cloned watch faces in Galaxy Store

Some of the most iconic watch faces in the world are connected to incredibly expensive watches, but a smartwatch can imitate those spendy devices with a little bit of code. Swatch isn't very happy about that, and it's accusing Samsung of knowingly profiting from clones of Swatch designs for devices like the Galaxy Watch. It cites numerous examples of allegedly copied designs in its filings, including one that came from a custom $650,000 watch.

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Samsung updates Galaxy Apps with OneUI, changes name to Galaxy Store

Samsung is in the midst of a big software redesign on its Android devices. Little by little, the company's phones are getting the Pie update, and with that comes OneUI. It's also rolling out new official apps to go with it, like the latest update to Galaxy Apps. Oops, that's "Galaxy Store" now.

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Samsung publishes [non-functional] Nougat beta enrollment app in Galaxy Apps store

It was not too long ago that Samsung gave U.K. owners of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge the ability to enroll their devices in the Marshmallow beta program. This marked a step outside of Samsung's norm, which was internal testing of major software updates. So here we are in the latter part of 2016 and Samsung seems to be following its new methodology... At least, it looked that way briefly.

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