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The Galaxy A8 Star is another overpriced phone for India

India is perhaps the most competitive smartphone market in the world, but Samsung doesn't seem to care much. The company has launched a number of phones targeted at India over the past few months, like the Galaxy On6, On8, and J2 Core; all of them are priced much higher than comparable devices from Xioami, OnePlus, and others.

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Samsung Brazil tried passing two stock photos off as Galaxy A8 camera samples

About two years ago, Huawei tried passing a photo from a $4,500 camera off as one from the then-new P9. Samsung Brazil's just done the same thing, but with a lot less justification, by attempting to pass a stock photo off as a sample from the Galaxy A8's front-facing camera - twice.

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Samsung stops security updates for 2016 models of Galaxy A3, J1, and J3; many new devices only get quarterly updates

Samsung has just made a couple of changes to its Android security updates page, and they're not too pretty. Three devices --- the 2016 versions of the Galaxy A3, J1, and J3 --- have been dropped from security updates altogether, and out of the four new additions, three have been filed under the list for quarterly security updates.

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Samsung Announces The Crazy-Thin Galaxy A8, Only Available In China For Now

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has been rumored for a while, but only now has the company made it official. This mid-range phone has a distinctly Galaxy S6 sort of look, but it's even thinner. Too bad it's only going on sale in China.


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