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Samsung's new Galaxy A71 5G is already down to $500 ($100 off) at Amazon

Most 5G phones are exorbitantly expensive right now, but if you want to try the latest and greatest in network tech out without having to drop one or two grand, Samsung's 5G-equipped Galaxy A line is a good option. The top dog in the Galaxy A family, the A71 5G, is currently available for $499.99 on Amazon — that's $100 off MSRP for a phone that just came out.

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Galaxy A71 5G review: Samsung's going to sell a buttload of these

Samsung's one of the biggest smartphone players around, and while we drool over cutting-edge devices like the Note20 or Fold2, these luxury handsets are hardly its primary business. When it comes to sheer numbers, the company's more conservative phones drive the lion's share of sales, and for good reason — these models strike a balance between flagship-level features and budget-friendly pricing. Even here, phones run the gamut from the super-cheap A21 to what we're looking at today, the beefiest of Samsung's mid-rangers, the Galaxy A71 5G. With a big 6.7-inch screen, 5G connectivity, and a 64MP-headlining quad-camera array, is this the A-series phone to finally get you asking, "who needs a flagship?"

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Samsung Galaxy A51 5G on sale at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

If you took a look at this month's Unpacked announcements and found yourself sweating at how expensive those phones are, Samsung wants you to know that it's got you covered with 5G phones that don't break the bank. We actually saw a 4G version of the Galaxy A51 come out a few months ago with the promise of a 5G version later on in the summer. Well, that time has come.

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Samsung's Galaxy A71 5G UW heads to Verizon on July 16 with millimeter wave support

Samsung the A71 and its A-series cohorts this spring before launching them in Europe and Asia. The A71 launched in the US last month as a 5G phone on T-Mobile and AT&T. Today, it's also official on Verizon. The carrier says it will start taking pre-orders for the $650 phone on July 9th, and it will ship on July 16th.

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Samsung's Galaxy A71 5G will be available in the US from June 19

Samsung first unveiled the upper mid-range Galaxy A71 back in February before launching it in Europe and India. The same phone is now coming to the US with an additional trick up its sleeve — it's now 5G capable. Starting June 19, it'll be available on T-Mobile and Sprint from their respective stores or from AT&T pre-orders open the same day.

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Samsung giving away free Galaxy Buds with unlocked Galaxy A51 purchases

After having an early run elsewhere around the world, Samsung is preparing to inundate the U.S. market with a half-dozen lower-cost smartphones this year — including the company's first cut-price 5G phones. Two of those phones are launching tomorrow: the Galaxy A01 and the Galaxy A51.

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