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Sony's weird Future Lab Program N prototype gadget gets an Android companion app

Never let it be said that Android Police discourages innovation. Even so, the "N" device from Sony's Future Lab Program is a little hard to wrap your head around. At first glance it looks like one of those neckband-style Bluetooth headphones, and indeed, it does fulfill that function (with a pair of "open ear headphones" that are similar to, but not the same as, bone conduction buds). But it also has a pair of open-air speakers on the neckband, like a tiny little boombox. It isn't limited to music, either: according to Sony's site for the N, it also delivers "up to the minute information" like news, weather, fitness data, and notifications.

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[Deal Alert] Here's A $10 Off Coupon Code For The Xiaomi Yeelight Bluetooth Connected LED Lamp We Reviewed Last Week

Cody reviewed a cool little gadget by Xiaomi last week – the Yeelight. It's an LED lamp that's controllable via a smart phone application using a Bluetooth LE connection. According to Cody, it works well and is a solid option for someone wanting a mood light, or a wake-assist lamp, without investing a ton on money into a full-blown smart lighting system. If you want to know more about it, then be sure to check out his full review.

Think it's cool? Well then you can buy one on Amazon. They sell for $69, but today you can buy one for $10 less with coupon code O5TOJGWW, which brings the price down to $59 (you probably could have done that math on your own).

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Muku Shuttr Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter Looks Pretty Cool, Already Funded On Kickstarter

Professional portrait photographers swear by their expensive wireless shutter triggers - those little remote gadgets that let them take photos while waiving a stuffed bear at a toddler. Now someone is trying to bring the same functionality to smartphones with the oddly-named Muku Shuttr, a tiny Bluetooth remote that lets you snap photos without holding your smartphone. It's a novel idea, and the Kickstarter campaign has already passed its modest $10,000 goal with more than three weeks left.

The device itself is incredibly simple: just a button and a keychain hole. Start the camera app on your phone (front or rear-facing camera, it doesn't matter), position the phone, press the button, and you've got your photo.

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Martian Seeks Kickstarter Funding For Voice Command Smartwatch

Ever since the Pebble Smartwatch got millions in funding from Kickstarter, other companies have been coming out of the woodwork in hopes of getting a smartwatch on your wrist. The Martian smartwatch is a slightly different take on the concept, though. These devices would be based mostly on voice commands over Bluetooth.

The video is clearly using a lot of Siri commands, which Android devices won't support. Since this is essentially a fancy Bluetooth device, all the voice commands that work through a regular Bluetooth headset on your phone will be available with Martian. If you've got S Voice or Google Now you should have a fair number of functions, but it's not going to be consistent across devices.

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The Verge Launches Its Very Own Android App, For The Rest Of Your Tech News Needs

Since you're reading Android Police, we know you've already got all your Android news covered. But hey, we know there are other gadgets out there! For that, the Verge is a pretty great source of information. For the (very few) uninitiated, the Verge is a gadget blog founded by former Editor-in-Chief of Engadget Joshua Topolsky. For broad gadget news of the industry at large, there are few publications that are better.

verge1 verge2 verge3

The app looks pretty great on a phone, though the tablet layout is non-existent. The app even locks to portrait mode, which isn't a big deal for all you new and future Nexus 7 owners, but for virtually every other Android tablet in existence, it's a little annoying.

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[Video] Paradroid Is A Self-Navigating, Skydiving Robot Controlled By An Onboard Android Handset

Adding to the list of awesome Android-related gadgetry, Tomer Weller and Yossi Sorin have created Paradroid, a self-navigating skydiving robot powered by an attached Android handset.

Beginning as a project for Google Developer's day ADK challenge, Paradroid is still a work in progress. That being said, it already seems to have some impressive capabilities, functioning from heights of over 1000ft., parachuting safely to the ground, and navigating to a predetermined location, all while sending back handy status reports.

tumblr_lujm0kkX3F1r4zty4o1_1280 tumblr_lucz6rEH1H1r4zty4o5_500

While it's already a pretty amazing device, it will be interesting to see how the project progresses, and what applications will be found for the Paradroid, outside being a fun curiosity.

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[Deal Alert] GSM Sony Ericsson Xperia arc Now Available Off-Contract In The U.S. For $474.99 Or $499.99, Depending On Color (Retail $599.99)

Just a few days ago Sony Ericsson confirmed an early off-contract August launch for the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc. And now, on the eve of August, the official Sony Ericsson Online store launched a page allowing customers to pre-order the Android 2.3 device for $599.99 with an expected shipping date of 2 August. It is also possible to obtain an 18-month extended warranty for an additional $99.99.

se xperia arc deal1

Alternatively, for a better deal head over to to pick up this phone at a much lower cost. The Midnight Blue version is $474.99, while the Misty Silver version is slightly higher at $499.99, both down from $549.99.

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The Coolest Android Gadget At CES 2011: Recon's Android-Powered, GPS-Enabled, Camera-Streaming Snow Goggles [Video]

I've been roaming the booths of CES for 3 days now, and I think I've seen almost everything even remotely related to Android that was worth seeing. One company, Recon Instruments, has been on my mind since the beginning, however, and I'm really glad I finally made it to their booth today.

Their current product, called Transcend, is a full snow goggles solution incorporating a little color LCD screen in the bottom right corner. This screen is small but it gets magnified optically to show a whole array of information, such as your current speed, temperature, altitude, time, vertical odometer, and the trail map overlaid on top of Google Maps (among other things).

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Mavizon's Mavia 3G-Enabled Gizmo Plugs Into Your Car, Acts As A LoJack, Texts Your Family, Diagnoses Your Check Engine Light [Video]

Walking around CES Unveiled on the first day of CES 2011, I ran into a little company called Mavizon Tech, showcasing their product with a beautiful name Mavia. I you've never heard of Mavizon, don't feel bad - they don't have many consumer-facing products just yet, but it's all about to change when Mavia hits the market later this year.

What is Mavia? It's a little gizmo box that plugs into your car's diagnostics port and sits there, drawing the power from the aforementioned port. Inside the Mavia - a GPS module and a 3G radio that is able to broadcast a signal anywhere there is 3G reception (I forgot whether they use T-Mobile or AT&T, but it's one of those).

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And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1]

Due to the amount of information crammed into day 1 of the Google I/O conference, I am blitzing through everything that happened, keeping it short and to the point.

Right next to the Chevy Volt, which, by the way, is quite a looker, I saw a couple of guys playing with odd flying machines, called AR Drones. After spending a few minutes talking to them, we got a nice lengthy demo, and let me tell you, this flying monster is beyond cool.

  • AR Drone is a flying RC type UFO looking thing
  • here is the kicker: it is controlled by your Android phone (here they used a Nexus One)
  • you touch the screen and tilt the phone, which controls the direction of where your AR Drone flies
  • it uses Adhoc WiFi, which doesn't require a router and can be used freely in an open field
  • check this out: the AR Drone has dual video cameras which transmit the live feed to the Android phone that is controlling it
  • the covers are interchangeable, so you can have different looking drones
  • the price is unknown and will be "a couple hundred bucks"

Check out the pics and the videos I took below:

And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1] And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1]

And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1] And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1]

And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1] And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1]

And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1] And The Coolest Gadget Of Google I/O Award Goes To… AR Drone. [Video + Pics, Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1]

The last shot, which I took after I had already left the demo, is quite hilarious - the constant buzzing above my head made me come back to the AR Drone table and witness the drone glued to the ceiling, trying desperately to fly away, without any desire to come down.

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