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Verizon LG G7 ThinQ update adds manual AI Cam control, AR Stickers, and more

It's been around two months since the LG G7 ThinQ was released in the US, and it's only now getting its first update on Verizon. The update includes manual AI Cam control, Google's AR Stickers, a custom music equalizer setting, and some more tweaks.

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[Deal Alert] LG G7 ThinQ discounted to $630 ($120 off) at B&H

LG's been doing some... interesting things with its smartphone lineup. It's basically rereleased the V30 twice with marginally different specs, and the G7 ThinQ isn't very innovative either. Nonetheless, the G7 becomes an interesting proposition at B&H's current price of $629.99, which is $120 less than MSRP.

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LG G7 ThinQ review: LG needs to do some thinQing about how to stand out

A year ago, it felt like LG was at the forefront of the next big movement for phone design. After handset sales had been dominated by models with 16:9 screens for so long, the G6 introduced us to the brave new world of 18:9 displays. And in the time since, we've seen manufacturer after manufacturer update their own lineups with similar phones featuring ultra-wide screens.

So while the G6 had a pretty compelling hook, not only have a lot of other players embraced that new screen shape in the time since its launch, but they've also been iterating around towards the next big evolution in screen design — the notch.

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AT&T will skip the LG G7 ThinQ in favor of an exclusive LG phone this summer

The G7 ThinQ leaked in great detail before the announcement, but LG just got around to unveiling the device yesterday. As is tradition, we started to hear from carriers about launch plans in short order, but one was missing: AT&T. Now we know why. Apparently, AT&T doesn't intend to sell the G7 at all. Instead, it'll launch a different LG phone later.

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LG talks up the 'Super Bright' LCD on the upcoming G7 ThinQ

LG has waited a bit longer than expected to announce a successor to the G6, but the G7 ThinQ is probably just around the corner. LG has been dropping breadcrumbs in the lead-up to the announcement, and today it's talking about the screen. As previous rumors suggested, it'll be an LCD. However, LG says its "Super Bright Display" technology will offer improved battery life with a brightness of 1,000 nits.

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LG G7 ThinQ will have a Google Assistant hardware button

Renders of the forthcoming LG G7 ThinQ cropped up earlier this month, showing the phone to have four hardware buttons. Power, volume up, and volume down are obvious, but the fourth, we speculated, could be something like Samsung's Bixby button. We were sort of right: CNET reports that "people familiar with the smartphone" say the additional key will be a dedicated Google Assistant button.

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LG G7 appears in leak with 'ThinQ' branding

Earlier this year, LG announced the 'V30 ThinQ,' a slightly-upgraded version of the V30 with the ability to detect objects in photos (which was later brought to the original V30). Then, just this week, Evan Blass reported that the company's upcoming flagship would be called the 'LG G7 ThinQ,' indicating it would have those same AI features. Now we have confirmation and more details, thanks to images from TechRadar.

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