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Hands On With The LG 360 VR Headset

It seems like everyone wants to grab a slice of the virtual reality action, and LG is not one to get left behind. One of the accessories (or "friends," as LG calls them) that are pairable with the new G5 is the LG 360 VR — LG's own take on a VR headset.

The LG 360 VR is somewhat more akin to a standalone headset like the Oculus Rift than it is to Google Cardboard or the Gear VR, which are little more than glorified goggles for holding your phone in front of your face. Like the Rift, the LG 360 VR has two screens that present a separate image to each eye.

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Hands-On And First Impressions With The LG G5 ("And Friends") At MWC 2016 (Video)

The LG G5 is the dark horse to Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 edge here at MWC, no doubt. While LG has received increasing critical acclaim and its flagship G series gained many fans in recent years, the mainstream smartphone narrative firmly places LG products in the shadow of those of their domestic rival. Could the G5 finally change the conversation and help LG stand out? If it doesn't, it certainly won't be for a lack of trying - the G5 is easily the most dramatic evolution of LG's smartphones in several years. Whether that evolution will translate to sales, or even a substantially better phone, though, remains unclear.

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LG G5's Crazy Removable Battery Breaks Cover Ahead Of Announcement

LG is sticking to its guns when it comes to offering removable batteries in its phones, but the way it's going about that with the G5 is unusual. All the leaks we've seen thus far show a seemingly unibody device, but now we have a better idea how the battery slides in from a post on Weibo. A user there has posted a picture of the battery and what appears to be the cap from the bottom of the phone. This might be part of LG's rumored "Magic Slot" system.


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