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LG G4 Coming To Sprint June 5th For $600, Pre-Orders Start Today―Free 32GB MicroSD Card, Extra Battery, And Charging Cradle Included Until June 21st

We've seen the LG G4 announcement, we've reviewed it, and we know all five of the major carriers will sell the device. Now it's just a matter of finding out when.

Today Sprint has announced that it will start selling LG's latest flagship on June 5th, and you can pre-order one right away in leather black or plastic gray. If you buy one between now and June 21st, you get an extra battery, charging cradle, and 32GB microSD card in the mail for free.

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LG Expands Its G4 Family Lineup With The Midrange G4 Stylus And G4c — Removable Batteries And MicroSD Slots Abound

Following up on its flagship G4 announcement for 2015, LG is now supplementing its lineup as it does every year with more midrange options that can appeal to and target different audiences: a larger phablet with a stylus for a Note-like approach and a smaller less powerful variant of its star player.


Let's start with the G4 Stylus. It comes with a larger 5.7" display than the G4, albeit with a lower 720p resolution that results in a rather average 258ppi. It has drawn the short end of the stick on other specs as well, coming with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, but there will be two variants: a 3G one and an LTE one.

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[Update: All 5 Major US Carriers Are In] LG Makes The G4 Official: Snapdragon 808, 3GB RAM, Slim Arc Design, Stitched Leather Back, 16MP F/1.8 Camera, Removable Battery

Leading up to today's announcement, we saw leaks, teasers, more teasers, one leak to rule them all, and even more teasers. If there was anything you wanted to know about this phone, you already do. Only now, in big press event fashion, LG has made it official.

Okay, not everything was unveiled. One piece of information we were waiting to see confirmed was the processor. Rather than adopt the Snapdragon 810, LG has opted for the 808. It and Qualcomm boast that with this processor the device is able to get more than a full day of battery life.

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[Weekend Discussion] Leather, Kevlar, Glass, Metal - Do You Really Care What Your Phone Is Made Of?

Exotic or uncommon materials seem to be all the rage in smartphones right now. Motorola started offering wood backs, then later leather, for its Moto X 2013 and 2014 handsets, respectively. But this wasn't even the first time a phone was offered with some integrated exotic or unorthodox materials. When Apple released the iPhone 4 with a glass rear cover, people flipped - wouldn't it break (yes, it would!), or get scratches (not that much) on it?

But people went for it, and there were more glass-backed phones. And then, there were things like Kevlar, football (?), leather, plastic that looks like leather, and so on and so forth.

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LG Shows Off The Leather-Clad G4 And Most Features In A Huge Web Leak

Thanks to the fanatical culture that's grown up around mobile technology, we haven't been truly surprised by a new device in years. Even LG knows this: the company has been slowly revealing its upcoming G4 flagship, piece by pedantic piece, in the weeks leading up to the April 28th launch event. Last night an LG "micro site" was briefly published and removed, and it leaves very little of the G4 to the imagination.

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[Weekend Discussion] What Do You Want To See In LG's Upcoming G4?

Every weekend at Android Police, we try to post a weekend poll where you vote about something we come up with. This weekend, we're changing the formula: let's turn this into a discussion.

Last week, we learned LG was planning a major launch event for a new smartphone later this month. It's the G4 launch - mostly because it couldn't really be anything else (well, it might not be called G4, but we'll see - name changes are always possible).

The G3 was something of an underdog fan-favorite last year, and much the same could be said of the G2.

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