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LineageOS adds new Quick Settings tiles and support for 15 new devices

Since our last LineageOS post, the project has continued to add new features and support new devices. In addition to new Quick Settings tiles and changes to included apps, the ROM now supports 16 additional devices.

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CyanogenMod 14.1 nightlies come to the Galaxy S III, Moto X 2014, some Oppo phones, and more

It's no secret why CyanogenMod is the most popular custom ROM out there; not only does it support a metric crapload of Android devices, but it also keeps them going far past their primes. The latest devices to get support for CM14.1 (Android 7.1 Nougat) nightlies include two variants of the Galaxy S III, the second-generation Moto X, a few Oppo devices, two versions of the HTC One Max, two Xiaomi phones, and more.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Brand New AT&T Unlocked LG G3 For $209.99 On eBay With Free Shipping

The G4 is LG's latest flagship phone, but the G3 is still a slick piece of hardware. At this point we're approaching the end of its software support cycle, but the hardware is more than adequate to keep most folks satisfied for another year or two. And if you consider the existence of CyanogenMod nightlies, there's a solid chance owners will get to run a few more major versions of Android on this thing.

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AT&T Provides The LG G3 With VoLTE In Latest OTA Update


LG Will Offer A Free Google Cardboard VR Headset (Made From Plastic) To New G3 Buyers

Google Cardboard is a pretty cool concept. But making your own headset for the novelty of a handful of VR apps is a daunting task, if only because it requires some very specific lenses and magnets inside all that cardboard. LG is hoping to alleviate that concern, at least for new buyers of its G3 flagship phone, by giving them a free Cardboard headset. Even better, it's not actually made out of cardboard - it's good old-fashioned plastic, which should stand up to a few more beatings. Of course that messes with the name somewhat - maybe they should call it Google Plastic?

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Official TWRP Builds Now Available For HTC One M7 Dual-SIM, US Cellular LG G3, And LG Optimus Fuel

ROM flashers and root fanatics who own a few more obscure Android devices have new options this morning. Official, straight from the source builds of the ubiquitous Team Win Recovery Project custom recovery are now available for the unlocked, dual-SIM card version of the HTC One M7, the carrier-customized version of the LG G3 for US Cellular, and the LG Optimus Fuel. Wait, the what? Let me check my notes... yup, says right here, "Optimus Fuel."


Not ringing any bells here.

The One M7 and G3 variants should be pretty self-explanatory, but the Optimus Fuel is so uninteresting it flew under Android Police radar when it was released for the Tracfone budget carrier way back in June of this year.

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LG Has Started Its Full European G3 Lollipop Rollout

LG was fast to toot its own horn after being the first OEM to (sort of) push out a Lollipop update. That original OTA only went out to Poland, but now users of the international D855 model are getting their updates all across Europe.


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[Update: Winner] Win An LG G3 From Handy Apps And Android Police

You know what goes great together? Stocks with a side of free phone. Seriously, if you haven't tried it...well, now's your chance. We've teamed up with Handy Apps once again to hook one of you guys up with a free phone – an LG G3, to be exact – but we'll get into that in just a little bit.

First, we want to talk about Handy Apps' Stocks IQ. If you track stocks in any way, this may be an app you want to have installed. It's packed full of useful features for stock monitoring, including current market statistics and company news, watchlists, portfolio management, support for Google Finance, price alerts and notifications, and a lot more.

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LG Offering A Free Spare Battery And Charging Cradle With The Purchase Of A G3 From 9/8 – 9/22 (US Only)

The LG G3 seems to be selling briskly these days, but LG is sweetening the deal a little more for potential buyers in the US. If you pick up a G3 between September 8th (today) and September 22nd, LG will give you a free spare battery and a charging cradle. That's $70 worth of swag, and it only takes a few minutes to get on the list.

wm_2014-09-08 15.54.48

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Stump Root Is A One-Click Root For Your LG G3 From Any US Carrier, Including Sprint

Love it or hate it, the LG G3 is one of the top flagship devices of 2014. With a set of specs that will make even the most jaded Nexus warrior a bit jealous, it's no wonder that the handset has gained a few fans. Unfortunately, LG's software customizations still leave a lot to be desired, and many users have turned to rooting their phone to take back some level of control over the experience. A handful of root tools have come out with support for most of the US and international variants, but none of them worked across the board, and the Sprint model hadn't been cracked at all.

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