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[Update: It's Back] [Deal Alert] Unlocked LG G2 On Sale For $189.99 Through eBay Daily Deals

It may be coming up on 18 months old, but the LG G2 is still a capable device. At this price, though, it's a steal. You can pick up an unlocked G2 (the AT&T model) for $189.99 with free shipping.

2015-03-23 18_10_12-LG G2 Latest Model 32GB GSM Factory Unlocked Smartphone Brand New _ eBay

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LG G2 On Verizon Wireless Receives OTA Update With Android Lollipop

The benefit of buying a flagship, aside from solid specs, is the likelihood of continuing to receive updates after the predecessor has launched. Carriers and manufacturers generally try to keep you current just long enough to make it through a two-year contract without complaining. So now we're seeing the year and a half old LG G2 on Verizon Wireless updated to Android 5.0.


Software version VS98039A brings in those changes that come with Android Lollipop, which we've covered in great detail.

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Sprint Announces LG G2 OTA Update (ZVE) Bringing HD Voice Enhancements, A Security Patch, And More

The G3 is LG's current flagship phone, but Sprint is pushing out an over-the-air update that shows some love to 2013's model, the G2, instead. This special delivery will bring in a number of general enhancements that some users may be happy to see. HD Voice is seeing improvements, and there are some LTE-related changes as well. These are joined by a security patch fixing something that's unspecified in the change log.

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AT&T Announces Minor LG G2 OTA Software Update Bringing A Security Patch And Slight Enhancements

AT&T is rolling out a minor over-the-air firmware update to its version of the LG G2. The change log is pretty vague with this one, and most of the changes won't be anything people particularly notice. There's a security patch, which is generally something to be thankful for (though rooted users may disagree). There's an APN update, and the included music player app has seen some attention as well. The change log closes with "G Watch compatibility," something devices running Android 4.3 or higher should already have.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked Refurbished LG G2 (32GB) On Sale Through eBay Daily Deals For $239.99

If you need a good unlocked phone on the cheap, you might be tempted to pick up a Moto G or a Nexus 5, but this deal on the LG G2 is something to consider. This device is unlocked with US GSM/LTE bands and 32GB of internal storage for just $240.

2014-08-26 15_52_01-LG G2 Latest Model 32GB Black Unlocked Smartphone _ eBay

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AT&T LG G2 Getting An OTA Update That Includes The Knock Code Security Feature

It seems like everyone is making smartphone screens more useful when they're off, and LG's attempt is called Knock Code. This feature lets you securely wake and unlock the device with a series of taps on the screen while the phone is asleep. No need to buy a new phone, though. Knock Code is rolling out the the AT&T LG G2 via an OTA update right now.

14 - 1

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Sprint Announces G2 KitKat OTA Update (Version ZVB), LG Shares Open Source Kernel Files

Sprint LG G2 owners may not have too much longer to wait for Android 4.4.2 to arrive. Sprint has posted details on an upcoming OTA update, which should roll out in stages starting today. The version is ZVB, and it contains little aside from all the delicious goodies that come with KitKat. To clarify, the developers have also packed in a fix for an audio issue with the pre-installed NextRadio app.

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T-Mobile LG G2 Android 4.4.2 Build Shows Up, But Not As An OTA Yet - It's A Huge 1.5GB ROM

A few days ago AT&T pushed Android 4.4.2 to its version of the LG G2, and now it's T-Mobile's turn... sort of. No, an OTA isn't hitting the airwaves just yet, but that doesn't mean T-Mobile G2 owners can't get their hands on the OS update right away. A full 1.5GB ROM has found its way from LG's servers to the XDA forums, and it's open for anyone to get their hands on.

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LG Teases The G2 MINI, Will Make An Announcement At Mobile World Congress On February 24th

This year we've seen slimmed down versions of the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, and while corners were cut to cram these flagships into smaller form factors, there's a real need for competent phones with tinier displays. So what's a competitor to do? Why, release a slimmed down version of its flagship as well. LG has now teased a smaller version of the G2, creatively referred to as the MINI, along with an announcement date.

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Sprint Announces LG G2 OTA Update Enabling Sprint Spark Bands And The Accompanying Spinning Status Bar Icon

Sprint's mobile data is typically not the first, or the second, or even the third to come to mind when looking for a zippy connection in the US, but the company is looking to change this impression with its new tri-band LTE network, more memorably known as Sprint Spark. Unfortunately, only a limited number of the carrier's phones are able to take advantage of this new capability, with some of them requiring an OTA before they're ready.

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