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AsteroidOS is an open source project that wants to save your smartwatch from obsolescence

Android was once the darling of the open source community, though you'd be forgiven for forgetting that - these days its commercial elements seem to be all that make the news. One developer is hoping that community can save the smartwatch, or at the very least, breathe a little new life into existing designs. Florent Revest, a French computer science student, released the 1.0 alpha version of AsteroidOS today. It's ready to run on multiple Android Wear devices: the original LG G Watch, the Watch Urbane, the Asus ZenWatch 2, and the Sony Smartwatch 3.

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[Deal Alert] LG G Watch Urbane Available For $200 From BuyDig Via eBay Once Again

Even though it's been out for a while now, the LG G Watch Urbane is still one of the most premium Android Wear devices you can buy. Its normal price currently sits around $250, but today you can pick one up for just $200 on BuyDig via eBay. We posted this deal a couple of weeks back, but that was just days after the holidays and I expect that some of you were too broke or hung over to notice. You're welcome.

The device ships free anywhere in the US and retail tax is only charged in the state of New Jersey.

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Mad Genius Coaxes Android Wear Into Running Nintendo 64 And PlayStation Portable Game Emulators

Before we start, let's get one thing out of the way: there's no practical application for the apps demonstrated below, at least not in the way they're being used. You can't seriously play a game meant for a 20-button controller on a screen smaller than two inches across, even if your fingers are tiny enough to hit the virtual buttons. This is the work of an enthusiast gamer and Android fan. It doesn't have to make sense.

Alright, now that that's out of the way: YouTube user Hacking Jules would like you to see his collection of game emulators running on Android Wear.

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LG Shows Off The Watch Urbane Second Edition, The First Cellular Android Wear Device, Via Teaser Video

It was rumored that LG would be launching a cellular-connected Android Wear watch soon, and well, here it is. The Watch Urbane Second (or 2nd) Edition is the first Android Wear device we've seen that uses a cellular connection instead of a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or a local Wi-Fi network, much like Samsung's Gear S series or LG's own Watch Urbane LTE (neither of which ran Wear). Aside from the addition of a mobile connection, it's a round screen watch presumably using at least some of the same hardware as the older Urbane.

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Source: LG's Upcoming Android Wear Device Will Have Three Buttons, Revised Styling, May Be Announced End Of September

Two trusted sources have divulged information about an upcoming LG Android Wear smartwatch to us. Unfortunately, we don't have a name, and we don't have any images we can share. But we do have a very good idea what the watch will look like, and I'll do my best to describe it to you. We also know that the device may be announced as early as the end of this month (September). So, here's what we know.

First: the screen is still circular. It's not clear if it's the same size as the G Watch R and Watch Urbane, though. The most immediately recognizable change on this unnamed LG watch coming from the Watch Urbane is the addition of two more buttons on the body.

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[Deal Alert] Woot Has A Refurbished LG G Watch For $69.99 with $5 Shipping

If you didn't get in on those crazy $50 deals for the G Watch earlier this year... well, we can't give you that deal again. Sorry, but he who hesitates is lost. But Amazon subsidiary Woot has a deal nearly as good going on for the next week: the original black LG G Watch, refurbished, for $69.99. So, he who hesitates has only lost about twenty bucks in this example.


While this watch is refurbished, it comes with a 90 day warranty straight from LG, and thanks to Google's tight grip on Android Wear it already has access to all the latest software goodies.

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[Deal Alert] LG G Watch Again Only $50, Except This Time It's Refurbished And On eBay

The LG G Watch was one of the Android Wear launch devices, and even then it didn't feel like the best smartwatch for Google's wrist-bound platform. That has definitely changed in the year since.

But the thing just keeps going on sale. AT&T has sold the watch for a mere $50 more than once. Now you can snag one for the same price as an eBay daily deal.

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 1.24.20 PM

There are a few things to keep in mind. First off, these units are refurbished. Second, shipping is restricted to only a few continents. You will have the best luck in Australia, Europe, and North America.

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[Deal Alert] LG G Watch On Sale For $50 Through AT&T Again—Hurry

Interested in Android Wear, but don't want to drop the cash on a $350 Urbane? You can get a G Watch for $50 right now. The original LG G Watch is almost a year old, and there are much better watches out there, but this is a killer deal.


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The Google Store Is No Longer Selling The LG G Watch, One Of The First Android Wear Devices

It was just over a year ago that we first caught wind of Android Wear. At the same time, we were introduced to the G Watch, which would be the first Wear device—released alongside the Samsung Gear Live—to be sold to the general public. Now, with the addition of the G Watch Urbane and a permanent price drop for the G Watch R, the original G Watch is headed out of the Google Store.


There was no telling exactly when this would happen, but it is no surprise that it comes now. First of all, there is just a lot of LG in the Android Wear section of the Google Store right now.

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[Deal Alert] Get The LG G Watch For 50% Off From Target (In Store Only)

Target's Cartwheel app serves as a way for the company to offer discounts and get you into its stores. Today you can get the LG G Watch for 50% off. Since the retailer is selling the smartwatch for $160, that brings the price down to $80.


This offer is only valid in stores, as Target isn't even selling the G Watch online. You must sign up to redeem the coupon and then scan the Cartwheel barcode at the register. The offer expires May 9th, but it's only valid while supplies last.

Since there's a good chance many of you have never heard of Target's Cartwheel app, I'll include a link below.

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