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Latest Android Wear Update Adds WiFi Support To The LG G Watch R

Google added support for WiFi communication to Android Wear in the 5.1 update a few months ago, but not all watches had the necessary hardware. The pricey LG G Watch R was among those lacking proper support. LG said it planned to rectify that in an update over the summer, and indeed it has in the new Wear update.

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LG G Watch R Does Not Get Wi-Fi Support With Android Wear 5.1.1 Update, Will Require A Separate Patch Going Out This Summer

One of Android Wear 5.1's key new features is the ability to connect smartwatches to Wi-Fi networks directly. This lets them receive notifications and sync actions even if your phone isn't nearby, as long as both maintain active connections to the Internet. The thing is, this feature doesn't automatically kick in with the 5.1 update (or 5.1.1, though it should for the Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3, and Samsung Gear Live). The LG G Watch R, which is largely the same device on the inside as the newer G Watch R Urbane, won't have support for quite a while.

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LG G Watch R Is Now Listed At $249 In Google Store, A $50 Price Drop

On the heels of the LG G Watch Urbane's arrival to the Google Store, the G Watch R gets a nice discount. Originally sold at $299, you can now get it for $249. This is a good deal; just several weeks ago we told you about an offer where you could get the G Watch R for $269. The price puts it at a fair distance from the newer Urbane, which is starting at $349.


This is definitely a deal to look into, since we once crowned the G Watch R as perhaps the best first-generation Android Wear device. Of course, it's still a first-generation device, which is now reflected in its price.

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[Deal Alert] LG G Watch R On Sale For $269.99 ($30 Off) Through Groupon

It's getting to be that time. The first-generation Android Wear watches are officially old, and everyone is anticipating shiny new watches with updated hardware. That means the old ones are going to start showing up on sale more often. You can get the G Watch R from Groupon for $269.99 right now, $30 off the regular price.

2015-03-03 10_21_24-LG G Watch R Android Smartwatch _ Groupon

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[Wear Compare] The Strengths And Weaknesses Of All The First-Generation Android Wear Devices

In just a few months, it will be the one-year anniversary of Android Wear's announcement (March 18th). Since the first two official Android-powered watches were released at I/O 2014, we've seen half a dozen total watches running Android Wear, each with its own pros and cons. These devices run the gamut from kind of ugly to truly gorgeous. A new wave of watches will be upon us in the coming year, but the current ones are still a great way to get into wearables. In fact, I bet there will be some solid discounts on these devices in the not too distant future.


If you simply can't decide which—if any—watch is the right one for you, here are all the strengths and weaknesses of the current crop.

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[Deal Alert] Get The LG G Watch R For $210 From T-Mobile (That's $90 Off)

The LG G Watch R, which David thinks is the best Android Wear has to offer for now, is an interesting device - it's an Android Wear device that has a circular screen, one that's actually a circle, escaping the "flat tire" design choice Motorola had to make for the Moto 360. But it also has a big funky angled bezel with numbers on it (like some real watches). Still, it's a solid device for the burgeoning category, with a 1.3" POLED display and 410mAh battery.

If you'd been eyeing the GWAR but the $299.99 price tag felt a little hard to justify, T-Mobile has you covered - you can get the G Watch R from T-mo for $209.99 using a special promo code.

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LG G Watch R Is Now Available For Purchase On The Play Store—$299.99 And Ships In 1-2 Days

Android Wear still has some growing to do, but the G Watch R might be the watch to get while that happens. It has a round OLED display, good construction, and great battery life. It is also not completely unattractive, and now it can be yours. Google is selling the G Watch R for $299.99.

2014-11-06 13_15_27-LG G Watch R - Devices on Google Play

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AT&T Spills The Beans On Pricing For The LG G Watch R: $299, Available In Stores On November 7th

The LG G Watch R seems to be the best Android Wear device yet, at least in the opinion of our own David Ruddock. But that doesn't mean much if you can't actually buy one. LG has been silent on pricing thus far, but it looks like AT&T just spilled the beans by announcing its plans to carry the G Watch R in its retail stores. You can pick one up this Friday, November 7th... for $299. An AT&T representative confirmed the $299 price for the G Watch in a promotional message to Android Police:

  • Pricing: $299
  • Available online and in AT&T stores on 11/7
  • Connects to any smartphone running Android OS 4.3 or higher via Bluetooth
  • 1.3 inch circular P-OLED display

It's not exactly surprising that the G Watch R (affectionately known as the GWAR) is so expensive - that circular P-OLED screen has to count for a lot, and LG is probably banking on the fact that its latest Android-powered watch actually looks like a watch.

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LG G Watch R Review: All Things Considered, The Best Android Wear Has To Offer Right Now

The G Watch R is LG's first circular-display smartwatch, following up on the original G Watch that launched alongside Android Wear earlier this year. While the original G Watch looked like a proof-of-concept brick out of an engineer's garage at some angles, the G Watch R very clearly got the full design and style treatment from LG - it looks nothing like its kind-of-predecessor.

A 1.3" circular P-OLED (plastic organic LED) 320x320 screen gives it the densest display of any Android Wear device yet announced, and its ability to stay always-on without drastically cutting into battery life provides it a clear edge on competitors that are struggling with longevity issues.

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LG's Over-The-Top G Watch R Promo Stars A Luxury Car-Driving, Mountain Biking, Wildlife-Stalking Secret Agent

We've seen some ridiculous product trailers before, but this one takes things to another level. In this video, LG isn't trying to sell the G Watch R to the busy student, tired mom, stressed business man, or hip vague twenty-something in transit through someplace crowded. Instead, it sets its sights square on those among us who still dream of being a secret agent. It's an interesting demographic to go after, considering the people who dream of living such a life tend to stop by the time they're old enough to actually afford a smartwatch.

LG really knows how to make 'em. Everyone, get ready to sit through a briefing, hop into a sports car, ride through the middle of nowhere, climb a mountain, and take a shot of the biggest buck you've ever seen - all while relying on Wear navigation, notifications, and various watchfaces.

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