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Gmail won't allow JavaScript file attachments starting February 13

Malicious emails often attach various forms of executable programs and trick users into running them. These include standard Windows executables (.exe), batch files (.bat), and even JavaScript files (.js). Starting February 13, 2017, Google will not allow JS files to be sent as an attachment, including JS files detected within archives.

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Google Calendar on the web receives smarter meeting scheduling

The G Suite team has made the first improvement to Google Calendar on the web for the year, which brings some smarter scheduling options for meetings. One of these made a debut in the Android and iOS versions of Calendar last year, but it's good to see the web version getting the same treatment.

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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps for Android get Page setup and ODF/EPUB support

The Android apps for Google Docs can be handy for quick edits, but lack many of the features available through the web app. Today's update for the Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps for Android bring a few useful features to mobile.

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Explore in Google Docs gets new quick source citations

As a student, I have written a lot of papers. Considering that I still have a long way to go until my education is complete, research papers and essays are not going away any time soon. The best part about all of those is citing my sources, which can get tedious when some classes want MLA and others want APA (because who wants Chicago anymore?). Sure, there are citation machines that are immensely helpful, but what if you could just get what you need straight from the Google Docs web search? Well, El Goog has students covered.

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Google's Jamboard is a digital whiteboard for cloud collaboration

Google's latest hardware product is not a new Chromebook, or a phone, or a tablet. The company revealed the Jamboard in a blog post today, calling it, "the whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration in the cloud." No, this isn't April Fool's Day, Google did actually announce a whiteboard.

Designed for use with the recently-rebranded G Suite, the Jamboard can pull data from a variety of Google services. Users can add documents from Google Drive, video chat over Hangouts, and draw on it like a typical whiteboard - all at once. The board works like a Google Docs file - it can be edited by multiple people at once from a number of different devices.

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G Suite update includes Action items, improved voice typing, Forms improvements, and more

Google recently renamed their Google Apps for Work service as 'G Suite,' which I still think sounds silly. However, the features Google announced today for all G Suite users are anything but.

Possibly the most important new feature is Action Items, which are Docs files assigned to a person or group of people. You can assign documents to others, which then appear on the recipient's main Drive screen with a special badge. Additionally, when you create a comment on the desktop site along the lines of "Phil to enter numbers for this week," Docs can figure out whom you are talking about and assign it to them automatically.

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The latest versions of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow you to restore deleted files


Google Drive adds Quick Access feature, guesses what file you might want

Google Drive has recently added an enhanced search and regular expressions support, but those features have not yet made their way to the mobile apps. Now the Android application exclusively has a new feature, simply called Quick Access. This uses machine learning to predict what documents you are most likely to open, based on your Drive activity and recurring patterns. Google claims this "saves 50 percent off the average time it takes to get to the right file by eliminating the need to search for it."

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Google officially rebrands 'Google for Work' as 'Google Cloud' and 'Google Apps for Work' as 'G Suite'

After a report from The Information a few days ago claiming that Google would be ditching the Google for Work brand today, Google has officially announced that their business-oriented service will now simply be called Google Cloud.

This actually isn't the first time the platform is being rebranded — you may recall it used to be called Google Apps for Your Domain a few years back. Obviously, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but it's possible Google may be targeting a wider audience by deemphasizing the 'work' aspect from the name.

One of the more important components of Google Cloud is the collection of apps that make up Google Apps for Work, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and a handful of other popular products.

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