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Google officially splits Hangouts into 'Meet' and 'Chat,' new apps and @meet chat bot coming soon

After the announcement of Duo and Allo, the newest in a long line of Google messaging apps, Google made it clear that Hangouts would be re-positioned for corporate use. Last month, a new 'Meet by Google Hangouts' app appeared on the iOS App Store, revealing that a major reworking for Hangouts was nearing completion. Now, Google has officially announced Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

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Android legacy device users are now able to access Work Apps in the Play Store


You can now insert Google Drive videos in Google Slides on the web

When you're creating a Google Slides presentation, you can insert videos from YouTube, but what if the video you want to add isn't published there or you want to add a more personal movie? In the next few days, the option to add videos stored on your Google Drive will be rolling out to users.

Adding Drive videos will only be possible from the web version of Slides, but viewing them is available on both web and mobile. If you've shared your presentation, other users who don't have permission to view a video will have the option to request access.

After adding a video from Drive to your slide, right-click on it and go to Video Options to specify the time of the video you want playback to start and end at, enable autoplay during a presentation, and toggle audio on and off.

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Google Cloud Search is the latest addition to the G Suite, brings the power of search to internal workflow

What if businesses could leverage the power of Google Search to find internal information faster than ever before? Cue Google Cloud Search, the answer to that question. Replacing the service formerly known as Springboard, this new product uses machine learning to provide a unified experience across the G Suite.

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Google adds more enterprise-grade security controls to G Suite

While on the face of things, it may seem like Google steals data and invades privacy, the company is actually very serious about security. That doubles when it comes to the security of G Suite, Google's enterprise accounts product range. Today the company has announced it's adding a few things to make the accounts even more secure.

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Google Docs update adds image resizing and moving, drag and drop text, and more [APK Download]

Most people associate editing documents and presentations on mobile with being a pain, but Google constantly aims to change that by adding new features to its Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps on Android. Case in point: the latest update for Google Docs features several helpful additions, including header and footer insertion, drag and drop text, as well as better control of images.

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Gmail won't allow JavaScript file attachments starting February 13

Malicious emails often attach various forms of executable programs and trick users into running them. These include standard Windows executables (.exe), batch files (.bat), and even JavaScript files (.js). Starting February 13, 2017, Google will not allow JS files to be sent as an attachment, including JS files detected within archives.

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Google Calendar on the web receives smarter meeting scheduling

The G Suite team has made the first improvement to Google Calendar on the web for the year, which brings some smarter scheduling options for meetings. One of these made a debut in the Android and iOS versions of Calendar last year, but it's good to see the web version getting the same treatment.

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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps for Android get Page setup and ODF/EPUB support

The Android apps for Google Docs can be handy for quick edits, but lack many of the features available through the web app. Today's update for the Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps for Android bring a few useful features to mobile.

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Explore in Google Docs gets new quick source citations

As a student, I have written a lot of papers. Considering that I still have a long way to go until my education is complete, research papers and essays are not going away any time soon. The best part about all of those is citing my sources, which can get tedious when some classes want MLA and others want APA (because who wants Chicago anymore?). Sure, there are citation machines that are immensely helpful, but what if you could just get what you need straight from the Google Docs web search? Well, El Goog has students covered.

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