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[Update: rolling out to G Suite customers] Google Calendar on the web finally moves to Material Design

Google unveiled Material Design all the way back in 2014 (has it really been that long?). At the time, the company promised that it would use that design language across all its products, on mobile and desktop. It has taken a while for Google to deliver on that claim, at least for its desktop apps and websites.

One of the major holdouts was the Google Calendar web app, which has changed very little over the past few years. Back in May, Google announced during a G Suite presentation that Calendar would receive a redesign in Q4 2017. Then in August, the interface began a limited rollout, but it was never fully released.

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Report: Google working on major G Suite improvements, including 'Wolverine' VoIP service

Over a year ago, Google rebranded Google Apps for Work as 'G Suite.' Since then, the company has been working to make G Suite more competitive with Microsoft's Office 365 and other cloud-based work products. The 'Jamboard' digital whiteboard, Hangouts Meet and Chat appsGoogle Drive for teams, and Gmail Add-ons are just a few examples of Google's new focus on the enterprise market.

According to a new report from The Information, Google is planning significant improvements to G Suite.

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Non-essential app blocking for corporate-managed phones comes to G Suite

Corporate data security is paramount—particularly in industries with regulations like HIPAA which include steep fines for negligently handled personal data. Accordingly, allowing employees access to that data on mobile devices is not without its share of risks, as the potential of malware or lost/stolen devices may result in expropriated data. Google has introduced an extra step for IT managers to ensure that devices are compliant with corporate-defined security policy. Device Policy will now restrict apps determined to be nonessential (like Chrome or Gmail) from running until a device is returned to compliance.

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G Suite adds new languages for font catalog in Docs and Slides, improved copy functionality, and more

Google is constantly adding new features to its G Suite line of products to make you more productive. The latest additions comprise of over 60 new languages to the Docs and Slides font catalogs, as well as updates to document copying that allow for comments and suggestions to be transferred over.

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Google made a Chromebox for Hangouts video conferences

Back in March, Google split Hangouts into two separate apps - 'Meet' for video conferences, and 'Chat' for Slack-style company messaging. In a new blog post, Google revealed the 'Hangouts Meet hardware kit,' designed to get companies up and running with Hangouts Meet for their boardrooms or other meeting locations.

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G Suite admins now have greater control over system apps on company-owned Android devices

Many companies have tight restrictions on the apps that are installed on company phones, and now Google can help with that. For those preinstalled apps that can't be managed via the Play Store, Google is now allowing G Suite administrators to control the system apps that are enabled or disabled.

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G Suite launches Gmail Add-ons for integrating popular third-party apps

G Suite update season is fully upon us, so it seems. First, we got the long-awaited material redesign of Google Calendar, which is available to everyone now that it meets the needs of Google's most important G-Suite customers. Next up, it's Gmail's turn, and although its own makeover is not yet ready, add-ons are being introduced that allow you to integrate third-party apps and increase productivity without needing to leave Google's email client.

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Google+ has new content restriction modes for G Suite admins

If your business uses G Suite that means your employees have access to Google+, and like any social media platform it's full of distractions. That's where content restriction settings come in handy for administrators, and Google is making some changes to these by splitting them into three new modes.

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Drive File Stream is rolling out to all G Suite users

A lot of us have Google Drive repositories that are quite large, and that's especially true for enterprise customers. Cloud storage isn't as appealing when you need to sync all those files to your computer to get anything done, and that's why Google announced File Stream earlier this year. It was only for early adopters at the time, but now it's about to roll out to all G Suite users.

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Google's cool collaborative whiteboard, Jamboard, comes to the UK for £3,999

Google's Jamboard looks like an awesome collaborative cloud-based whiteboard for enterprises. I haven't used one, like almost everyone here, but if I worked in a physical company (the virtual AP offices don't count), I'd probably be begging my boss to get us one. Jamboard was launched in May in the US and now it's rolling over the Atlantic to the UK.

If your company uses G Suite (Basic, Business, Enterprise, or Education, though the latter will have to satisfy some requirements), you can now purchase the Jamboard for £3,999 in the UK (about $5,213).

The price includes two styluses, one eraser, and one wall mount.

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