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Google adds more accurate visualizations for shorter meetings in Calendar

Keeping track of everything going on these days can get hectic. Luckily, there are apps like Google Calendar that help to manage busy schedules. Google is now updating the way shorter events are displayed on the calendar to make them more accurately reflect the correct length.

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Google Meet's impressive live noise-cancellation is rolling out to more countries

We've all been in a video conference where background noise coming from someone's microphone ruined the entire conversation. Although this is easily solved by going on mute, the problem persists if the participant needs to speak. Thankfully, Google announced a noise cancellation feature for Meet, preventing the attendees from hearing unwanted background, back in April. After the company already rolled out the feature to most G Suite Enterprise users, it plans on bringing the feature to more G Suite organizations in more markets.

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Spanish grammar suggestions now available in Google Docs for G Suite teams

If you're a Google Docs user in a G Suite team, you're probably still coming to grips with some new assistive writing features like grammar tips, autocorrect, and Smart Compose. Soon, those features will be adapted for Spanish drafters as well. It all starts with neural network-powered grammatical suggestions this week.

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New G Suite logins will trigger Google's phone prompts by default starting July 7

Google is making another push on two-step verification for G Suite users by making its phone prompts the default login authentication method, displacing less secure methods like SMS and voice codes. The new policy takes effect the same day those prompts will start appearing on every device a user is signed into.

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You may soon be able to call 'out of office' on the Google Calendar app

We all need to put up the "out of office" flag every once in a while for an urgent event or some off-time. Those who've been on a G Suite team for the past couple of years could actually schedule OOO blocks on the web version of Google Calendar. Now, we've just gotten a look at how the feature may translate on mobile if and when it ever rolls out widely.

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Google for Nonprofits adds 10 more countries, now covers 67 in total

The "Google for Nonprofits" program helps non-profit organizations digitize their communications, operations, and fundraisers at minimal (or no) cost. The demand for such tools has only grown among NGOs in recent years—Google says it is receiving hundreds of account requests each day. After adding six countries in April, Google is now expanding its Nonprofits program to 10 new markets, bringing the total to 67.

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The Google Docs comment UI will soon be getting a major overhaul, new features

If your office trades around documents and presentations for peer review, your colleagues are bound to annotate a whole bunch of comments. For G Suite team members on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, making and addressing those comments may become just a bit easier with a new interface on Android.

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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides now show whether your file is saved online or locally

Back in May, Google introduced some minor interface changes to its productivity apps, which made it clearer to identify whether a document was saved to the cloud or locally. The company was seemingly unhappy with the changes, as it just tweaked the UX a bit more, making it even simpler to see where your changes are being saved.

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Google+ is dead, long live Currents (for G Suite users)

Last year, Google announced the beta release of Currents. You'd be forgiven for not having a clue what that is, as the company hasn't exactly advertised it since, but it's the enterprise replacement/successor for Google+, so us regular folks don't get to use it anyway. Still, Google has been working on the new business social network for a year now and deems it stable enough to migrate G Suite Google+ users over starting July 6, 2020, as the company announced in an email to administrators.

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Full migration from Hangouts to Google Chat is now available for G Suite admins

The transition from Hangouts to Google Chat was always going to be long and arduous, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The latest step for G Suite admins is now available, allowing them to set Chat as the preferred messaging service for their organization. This will finally make Chat the default and only messaging app within Gmail and move users away from the Hangouts apps they've become accustomed to.

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