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G-Project G-Tube Review: At $40, You Can't Afford NOT To Have One

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the Inateck MercuryBox, a cheap speaker that left me extremely unimpressed. Like I mentioned in that review, I'm normally really skeptical of speakers that cost less than $100 -- especially ones that hit around the $50 range. But while I was writing about the MB, I got my hands on the new hotness from G-Project: the ultra-portable, water-resistant G-Tube.

I'll say this: at $40, the G-Tube changes everything. A new bar has been set.

Appearance and Features

Like its name suggests, the G-Tube is a cylindrical speaker. It has dual 1.25" drivers in the "center" (not on the ends like some speakers), a sort-of ridged design that allows it to easily be positioned with the audio pointed in a number of directions, and all the controls/ports on either end.

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Hands On With G-Project's Newest Speakers: G-DROP, G-BUZZ, And The Newly Re-Designed G-GO

When asked which speaker company I think offers the biggest bang for the buck, the answer is pretty easy: it's either G-Project or Soundfreaq. Both are great companies, and each offers a lot of speaker for the money. They both target very different sets of users, however, so I don't really feel like they easily cross paths in the market. For example, Soundfreaq makes killer "around the house" speakers - they're not necessarily designed for ultimate portability, and they don't have a super robust look or feel to them. G-Project speakers, on the other hand, are built tough. They're made for outdoor use, to be thrown in a backpack, and to generally get beaten to death (not literally, of course).

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G-Project G-Go, G-Grip, G-Pop, And G-Zip Mega Review: Probably The Best Speakers On The Market At These Prices

Back in mid-September, we reviewed the G-Project G-Boom, a killer Bluetooth boombox that easily slaughters everything else in its price range. It's a beast.

Since it's so good, we decided to check out the rest of G-Project's offerings: the G-Go, G-Grip, G-Pop, and G-Zip, arranged from largest to smallest (the G-Boom is the largest of the bunch). In short, they're mostly as good as their biggest brother, albeit on a smaller scale. Let's get to it.



The G-Go's sort of an oddity in the G-Project speaker family, as it's the only one that isn't rechargeable. It can be used two different ways: on four AA batteries (nope, not kidding), or plugged directly in with the AC Adapter.

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G-Project G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox Review: You Won't Believe It's Only $99

When I was a kid, every Saturday my parents would to have cookouts and invite the rest of the family (and some friends) over. Almost everyone showed up week after week – my aunts and uncles, cousins, people my parents had been friends with for years, and many of the kids I was friends with from the neighborhood. Everyone knew that during the summer, my house was the place to be on the weekends. We would eat, play croquet, volleyball, badminton, and basketball until well past dark. Those cookouts are some of the best memories I have from my childhood, and I hold them even closer since I now live over 1,000 miles away from most of my family.

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