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Amazon's new Showroom lets you preview furniture in a virtual living room

Furniture shopping comes in two categories: utilitarian need, and aesthetic want. If your habits tend to the latter, ensuring that side table goes with the rug can be a bit of a risk, or at least an elaborate dance of sample materials sent through the mail over weeks. But Amazon's new Showroom gives you a virtual space for some comparison shopping through the retailer's voluminous electronic shelves. Okay, so it's not quite as cool as Amazon's AR View, or IKEA Place's actual augmented reality showroom, but it's still a decent way to design a pineapple-themed room.

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[Hands-on] IKEA Place uses AR to see if your Ektorp goes with that Lövbacken

Today IKEA has announced that its IKEA Place augmented reality app, previously exclusive to iOS, is now available for Android. With it, prospective furniture customers can see if a given IKEA product will be a good fit—in every sense. From relative sizes to aesthetic comparisons, you can choose just the right side table, lamp, or shelf to fit your particular niche, and even search for your existing IKEA furniture in the app.

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