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New HBO GO Ads Acknowledge That The Reason Most Of Us Watch Shows On Mobile Devices Has Little To Do With Features

HBO has a mobile app. It lets you watch shows, and it supports Chromecast. Really, that's all that matters here. There's little else it needs in the way of features that will determine whether or not users will turn to it when the opportunity comes to spend some time with HBO. The real question is - do you really want to watch all those sex scenes on the family TV?

Let's go through the checklist.

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[The Android Police Files #7] But I Must Request Assistance, I Am Requesting Assistance

A flood of email fills our inboxes over the course of a month, and as the generally somewhat vaguely nice people that we pride ourselves on being, we do our best to respond to them. But we're not a helpline, nor do we hold much sway over what Google, Samsung, or Sprint say, think, and do. We, frankly, are powerless to address some of the concerns people bring to us. It's sad, I know, but take a look for yourself.

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The Hidden Easter Eggs Of The Google I/O 2014 Site

Did you know that the Google I/O 2014 site that went live earlier today doesn't just contain useful information about the event but also a healthy dose of geek humor, hidden away in debug messages? We have everything from clever word play to mentions of Globophobia to Doge to Star Trek references.

Bonus points to those of you who can recognize them all without Googling!

wm_3-26-2014 3-01-05 PM

Reticulating Splines...
There's more Ajax in this loader than an epic greek poem
♬ Reunited and it feels so good
Are you there, Boson?

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[Fail] Archos CEO Demos A Water-Resistant Phone On Camera By Submerging It... And It Goes Dead

Hardware demos don't get much worse than this one. Archos CEO Loic Poirier wanted to demonstrate just how much punishment one of his company's smartphones could take, but he didn't get quite the results he wanted. He was able to drop the phone just fine, but when he placed the device in a glass and filled it with water, apparently the handset had taken all it could handle.

Le directeur d’Archos casse un smartphone censé...

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[The Android Police Files #6] Plz Bro I Need Kitkat 4.4 Stock Android Apk File For My Galaxy S4

Nearly two months have passed since our last installment of the Android Police Files, so I'm not going to spend much time on the introduction this time around. You already know what you're in for. Below are eight emails that several people out there mistakenly thought contained either legitimate questions or useful information of some kind. Unfortunately, grammar or common sense (but usually grammar) got in the way. Anyway, you've been more than patient, so without further ado, I present to you our sixth installment.

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[NSFW] "What The F*** Is My Wearable Strategy" Mocks The Wearable Tech Trend With Profane Mad Libs

Have you heard about the company that just announced a smart watch? Which one? All of them. The people who decide what kind of products are going to be made have universally decided that wearable tech is the next big thing. Whether that's Google Glass, the Pebble, or something else, everyone wants to strap more technology to your person. The new site What The F*** Is My Wearable Strategy successfully lampoons the plethora of bizarre wearable tech ideas with a simple (and amusing) formula.

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[The Android Police Files #5] I Really Need A Phone Bad I Pray I Can Get One From You, SOON BACKANSWER!

With all of those Christmas gifts and family gatherings come loads of trash that need to be tossed out the day after. The same can be said for email. We've received quite a few messages since our last installment of the Android Police Files, and while many of them were helpful tips and other notices, some were not so useful. We trashed as much of it as we could, but some items we felt were better off dragged out onto the sidewalk for the public to see.

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[The Android Police Files #4] No, This Isn't The Artem You Are Looking For, And Please Stop Asking Us About Eric

It's been hectic around here lately, but now that the Nexus 5 has finally launched, we can give the rumors a rest and turn our attention to other matters. For starters, we have another batch of your emails, so finish that soda, pull over to the side of the road, and turn off the stove, because you're in for a treat. Don't say we didn't warn you.


Letter #1

Subject: Refurbished Samsung Galaxy TAB II P5100


Interested in the above model.

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[The Android Police Files #3] Baffling Lawyers, Video Earrings, Dangerous Open Source Software, And So Much More

Gather 'round, folks. This is the third installment of Android Police Files and the first to contain letters submitted after we started the series. As you would expect, many emails we receive come in the form of questions, and some submitters keep their requests short and sweet. Unfortunately, we couldn't satisfy some of them even if we wanted to.

But we do our best. We really do. If we weren't here to serve, we would throw our wisdom up behind a pay wall.

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KitKat Shows Off New Features Of 'KitKat 4.4', The Future Of Confectionery

If you missed out on the ruckus Google caused this morning, here's a quick briefing: the upcoming version will not be 5.0, nor will it be called Key Lime Pie. Instead, it's 4.4 KitKat. No joke – this is legit. Sundar Pichai even put a picture of the new statue up on Twitter and G+. This is happening.

The question is, though, what new features can we expect? KitKat itself has taken to YouTube with just that information.

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