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Tumblr's Latest Update Includes 'Sturdier, More Erect Pixels' And Much More In One Of The Best Changelogs You'll Ever See

Sure, Tumblr has seen better days. But for the Tumblr app, this could be a high watermark. I'm not sure what exactly their dev team was up to in the latest, presumably minor, update to their Android app. What I do know is that the jump from v4.7 to v4.8 brought with it the kind of changelog that should brighten your mood.

If you were worried about Android Marshmallow compatibility, don't worry; this update is already prepared for Tangerine.

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Still Don't Understand Twitch And YouTube Gaming? If Only There Were A Parallel We Could Draw...

Any time we talk about a service that lets you watch other people play games, some folks who still don't seem to understand the appeal behind watching games as opposed to playing them inevitably show up in the comments. There is a reason Amazon acquired Twitch for close to $1bln and Google's recently released YouTube Gaming app has already racked up over 100,000 downloads.

Loading Artist's latest comic (not considering Single Player that was posted outside of the regular schedule) attempts to explain this reason in a way these people may understand:

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[The Android Police Files #11] i love android and want to write columns for u

Longtime readers of the Android Police Files will know that a couple things never change. Someone always mistakes us for the police. Someone else thinks we can fix any and all software-related problems. But then there's always a person that asks a question we never expect.

Here is the latest batch of letters. You tell us which are which.

Letter #1


You can't. At least, not yet anyway. Such talk remains a rumor for now. But you're not entirely out of luck. Here's a simple process.

Step 1: Return your Lumia 535.

Step 2: Buy an Android phone.

Step 3: Run the Android apps.

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Budget MVNO Ting Officially Recommends The Nexus 6, Complete With Android Police Watermark

Ting would like you to know that the Nexus 6 works great with its low price MVNO service. And it does: thanks to the N6's all-inclusive radio setup, the phone sold on the Play Store in the US can be used on both the company's CDMA and GSM network setups. There's just one problem - that's not a Nexus 6.

ap logo

Nope, that's the Nexus 6 mockup that Android Police writer Liam Spradlin created way back in September, 2014. It's a testament to both our own news sources and Liam's superb graphic design skills that the mockup looks basically indistinguishable from the real thing, which was officially announced a month later.

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Pocket Casts Updated To v5.1 With Drag-And-Drop Podcast Reordering, Notification Dismissal, And More In A Hilarious Changelog

You gotta love what you do, and the developers of Pocket Casts clearly do. Whereas most changelogs are merely a way to keep users abreast of changes to the app, Shifty Jelly sees them as a way to give you a chuckle while you wait for the update to download. Pocket Casts has just hit v5.1, and that means new features and a new changelog.

2015-04-22 16.01.55

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[The Android Police Files #10] Lethal TREASON, Juuuuust Smthn To Ponder On

Now that the hustle and bustle of Mobile World Congress 2015 is behind us, we have time to address some of the comments and emails we've received over the past several months.

If this is your first time coming across the Android Police Files, here's what you should know: some of the people who reach out to us assume that there's a police force out there dedicated entirely to Android (whatever that means) or that we personally had a hand in every piece of code or software that comes out for their devices. Others are just plain paranoid.

Here, see for yourself.


Letter #1

This entry is not a letter, but a five-month-old comment (posted after our last edition of the Android Police Files) left on what is now a ten-month-old post titled "[APK Teardown] Google Play Services 4.4 Explodes With Android Wear Support, Firmware Installer, And Much More." It reads:

I dont really undrstand this stuff but in my personal far as permussions go....well I think its all bs cuz they can get into n e thing on n e phone if they really wanted to.

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The xkcd Phone 2 Arrives With Always-On Speaker, MaxHD Cheek Touching Display, Coin Slot, And More

Following on the success of the original xkcd Phone (which featured a blend of Android and iOS, a side-facing camera, and the ability to scream when falling), a successor has arrived that offers some of the best tech that 2014 has to offer.

The xkcd Phone 2 includes a revolutionary always-on front-facing speaker, which the phone will use to automatically cry when lost. With a built-in, ribbed, auto-rotating case made of 3D materials, the handset should feel comfortable in any hand size. And in a year where phones argued that HD wasn't HD enough, the xkcd Phone 2's MaxHD display competes by cramming over 350 pixels onto its screen (and doubling as a cheek toucher).

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The Untold Story Of The HTC Nexus 9

This is a guest post by Manzi. Manzi is a UX Designer for the University of California, Irvine. He also moonlights doing Social Media for iO West, an improv comedy club in Hollywood. This article was originally posted on The Verge Android forums but has since been edited and enhanced with illustrations created for Android Police.

In a presidential memorial library somewhere out in the Sunnyvale area, cell carriers, hardware manufacturers, and innovators all came to dance in a single hall. The lights were dim. The music was passionate in the John Hughes kind of way.


It was the November of 2007, and together they comprised the Open Handset Alliance.

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[The Android Police Files #9] I'm Very Happy To See Liam! And That Artem Loves To Sleep On The Floor

Greetings, loyal readers. Several months have passed since our last installment of the Android Police Files, and a few gems have piled up in that time. People have come to us with vague messages about Minecraft, stalkers, in-app purchases, and really weird dreams. Seriously, we're not sure what to make of that last one. Give it a read and let us know what you make of it.


Letter #1

Subject: I want to have an email


I want to apply an email & one account, one Google

One Google... Google One? Oh no, not another One!

Letter #2

Subject: Minecraft


I am new at this game.

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[The Android Police Files #8] Hey Megaheads, Please Help Uninstall This Android Device From My Phone

Dearest readers, have we got the installment of Android Police Files for you today. Plenty of folks have emailed us over the past month and a half with their questions and concerns. Some sent in their criticisms, and others have even mailed us their personal monologues. We've searched through the metaphorical mail bag and selected eight messages we frankly couldn't just keep to ourselves. Please, read on. You're in for a treat.


Letter #1

Subject: Report


<[email protected]> just iwould like to report this (they wos selling &rating all the items in the google play so that ineed&ilike it to stop selling&rating becouse when iwos getting is free sothat please &pls STOP them thanks.

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