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[The Android Police Files #14] Artemisia u don't get out of my phone u r going to fail and I am not play with ya'll

It's been over half a year since the last installment of the AP Files was published, and the world has undergone some drastic changes. There's a squeezable phoneBezel-less phones now dominate the world. And the newest LG phones haven't had any major reports of bootlooping. I'm sorry, I had to.

Six months is indeed quite a long time, and it's definitely enough time for us to have received some more... let's call them interesting letters in our mailboxes.

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Funny video: 8 accents are tested on Google Home, Alexa, and Siri with 4 different questions


Google's speech recognition error rate is getting lower and lower - yesterday, the company said it's now under 5% and has dropped from 8.5% this time last year. And I find that to be more and more the case in my own use: Google seems to recognize almost everything I throw at it now, even when I add Lebanese/Arabic names from my contacts list that I wouldn't expect it to get right.

But if you're wondering how Google's speech recognition fares in comparison to other voice assistants, Wired has made a video in conjunction with Andy Wood and Matt Kirshen (from Probably Science) to show you just that.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver creates fake (and hilarious) Samsung ad

Samsung has had a rough couple of months. It seems like every time the Korean electronics giant is in the news it's because something is catching fire, getting hacked, or its chairman is being arrested. The recent revelation that the CIA has hacked Samsung's smart TVs got the company on John Oliver's radar. Naturally, he roasted the company on the most recent Last Week Tonight.

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Amazon's Alexa has a dirty mind [Video]

Every now and then, we all can't quite make out what somebody just said. Sometimes, you fill in the blanks with whatever it is you've been thinking about. If Amazon's Alexa works the same way, this video will really make you wonder what's been on her mind.

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Google Assistant can track Santa, tell holiday jokes, and spin the dreidel

Google has added a few entertaining Easter eggs to Google Assistant since its release, including fully interactive quiz games. In the spirit of the season, a few new holiday-related commands have made their way to Google Assistant.

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[The Android Police Files #13] an apology is overdue — or burn in hell

Welcome back. Last we gathered here, the Pixel phones were only a rumor and Google's Home invasion had only just appeared at Google I/O.

In the time since, letters have continued to pour into the Android Police inbox. As always, the only purpose we can find in some of that correspondence is to put a smile on your face. Let us know in the comments if they do.

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[Oops] Blackberry promotes infamous fake BBM review as praise for the new DTEK60

If you enjoy a juicy public relations screw-up, then grab your spirituous drink of choice and take a seat: this one's a doozy.

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[The Android Police Files #12] i am alone now


Much has changed since the last installment of the Android Police Files. The 5X and 6P are the latest Nexus devices. We know a great deal about Android N. Google's founders formed a new company and made Google a subsidiary.

But one thing hasn't changed — we still get some hilarious emails. Here's your latest glimpse at some of the more absurd corners of the Android Police inbox.

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[Hold The Door] Kickstarter's Latest Android Changelog Contains Bug Fixes... And Hodor

If you're a Game Of Thrones fan, you're likely well aware of the "hold the door" meme that has transfixed a good portion of the internet for the last couple of weeks. Kickstarter, too, it seems, is engrossed with the series' doorstopper of a storyline, as their latest changelog takes "Bug fixes and performance improvements" to a whole new level.

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[Damn You Human] Autocorrect Hates Our Shifty Fat Fingers And Ducking Sloppy Typing

We've all mocked it plnety of times. We laughed at its silly mitsakes. We got annoyed when it sent the wrong words and put us in awkwrad situations with our boss or partner. We even blamed it for our own typos and inapporpriate messages when the recipient wasn't so welcoming of them. We ducking hated the living duck out of it when it stopped us from showing our ducking rage while typing a message and replaced it with ducking innocuous words. We witched about it at the top of our lungs. But have you ever stopped to think what Autocorerct thinks about us?

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