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[Hairy Buttholes] South Park takes on Google Home, Alexa, and Siri in its season opener

What do you get when you mix South Park's brand of seething humor, Cartman's childish behavior, and a slew of Google Homes and Amazon Echos? An episode full of big hairy balls and smelly tampon boogers being added to shopping lists, Simon says sentences about stinky poops, many more over the top juvenile jokes, all mixed with some social commentary on the loss of jobs due to automated assistants.

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[Fun Skit] Alexa and Siri battle it off in Ellen Sketch, leave Google Home victorious

If your Friday morning is groggy and you're impatient to get to the weekend, I have one fun little video for you to watch. Ellen DeGeneres recently took on personal assistants in her show with a brief sketch that mostly joshes on their names. These assistants are still quite dumb right now, but look at what happens when they grow personalities of their own, get possessive, and start fighting for your attention:

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[Funny But True] Video shows what an honest smartwatch commercial should be like

Smartwatches have been available for a few years, but I'm not sure we have yet found a really legitimate and indispensable use for them. I have been wearing one for nearly three years, but I rarely interact with it and I forget it's there most days. Yet, it has become a necessity for me as I keep my phone silent to avoid the deluge of WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, and more notifications while working in the serious and quiet environment of a pharmacy. Nothing is more distracting than continuous beeps and boops while you're trying to counsel a patient, so the watch helps me know what is crucial to attend to and what can wait until the patient has left.

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