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[Deal Alert] Best Buy offers the Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth speaker for $200 ($100 off) today only

At this point Bluetooth speakers are so thick on the ground that you can find them for anywhere between thirty or forty bucks up to several thousand. But any way you slice it, one third off of the retail price is a good deal. That's the discount that Best Buy is offering on the Fugoo Sport XL, a high-end Bluetooth speaker that's equipped with water and dust resistance plus a "shockproof" frame. It's normally three hundred bucks, but Best Buy's deal of the day is offering it for $199.99.

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Fugoo XL Bluetooth Speaker Review: First In Durability, Second In Sound

About a year and a half ago, I called the original Fugoo "the speaker I'd make if I made speakers." The design of it is actually brilliant — it's waterproof, offers 360 degree sound, is crazy-robust, and gets an insane 40 hours of battery life. Really, it's a beast.

Then, back at CES (yes, in January), Fugoo announced the XL. Like the name suggests, it's a big-ass version of the original Fugoo speaker. I've been waiting for what seems like forever to spend some time with it — as good as the original was, a bigger version is logically better, right? I mean, it makes sense to me.

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Fugoo Announces The XL, A Beast Of A Speaker That's Four Times Larger Than The Original

Beats Pill and Beats Pill XL. Ultimate Ears BOOM and Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM. Motorola Moto X and Nexus 6. People apparently like small things that are later made into bigger things. Fugoo realizes this, so it recently announced the Fugoo XL, a massive new speaker in the Fugoo line.


Now, you may or may not remember the Fugoo speaker from when I reviewed (and loved) it back in May of 2014. If not, you can go back and read that review now. Done? OK, great. Let's move on.

The Fugoo XL is four times the size of the original Fugoo, making it pretty dang big.

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