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Official Fuchsia developer site goes live

Google has been silently working on a new operating system called "Fuchsia" for years, with details, rumors, and wild speculation swirling through the blogosphere every time some new tidbit trickles out. Yesterday Google pushed up an official documentation site at, with instructions and details that can help developers play with the early operating system and its software. It appears to be the same info that was previously available at the Fuchsia Git, but with better formatting, and at a verifiably Google-owned domain (according to ICANN's WHOIS).

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Google hires high-ranking Apple engineer to launch mysterious Fuchsia OS

It's no secret that Google has been working on a new operating system (and potential Android replacement) called Fuchsia since at least 2016, but details are otherwise few and far between. The most recent tidbit to emerge publicly? High-ranking Apple engineer Bill Stevenson says he's joining Google to help bring the new OS to market.

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Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo shows off Fuchsia OS running on a Pixelbook

Fuchsia OS, Google's operating system that's neither Android nor Chrome OS, is gradually becoming more and more functional. The open-source OS which Google really doesn't want to talk about has recently added support for the Pixelbook as a test device, and now AP alumnus and Ars Technica editor Ron Amadeo has managed to get it working on one.

Work on Fuchsia first began in the first half of 2016 and has progressed at a steady pace. We had a first glimpse of the OS in action a few months back, and while it was still very rough around the edges, it was enough to get a general feel of the new 'Armadillo' UI.

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The Pixelbook is being used to test Google's Fuchsia OS

For over a year, Google has been developing an operating system named 'Fuchsia,' designed to run across a wide array of devices. The company hasn't said anything publicly about it, but it is entirely open-source, so development on the project has been transparent. Simply put, we can see what Google is working on, but we don't know what it will actually be used for.

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Google is working on Fuchsia OS support for Apple's Swift programming language

Google's in-development operating system, named 'Fuchsia,' first appeared over a year ago. It's quite different from Android and Chrome OS, as it runs on top of the real-time 'Zircon' kernel instead of Linux. According to recent code commits, Google is working on Fuchsia OS support for the Swift programming language.

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Google's "Fuchsia" operating system is taking shape with a new design

We first talked about Fuchsia, a new operating system being developed at Google, back in August (in fact, it was my first post here). At the time, there wasn't much to get excited about besides the potential - it only had a command-line interface. Now the project has a snazzy new, but clearly unfinished, interface.

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Speculation around Google's Fuchsia OS and Andromeda is creating confusion and misinformation


A very hot article is currently circulating around the web in which a relatively unknown tech analyst concludes that Fuchsia, Google's new operating system, is the end game of what we dubbed Google's "Andromeda" initiative last year. Unfortunately, despite the excitement it is generating, the post's conclusions are largely speculative, not revelatory, in nature.

The article is seemingly based on the available technical material, code repositories, and various news stories written about Fuchsia to date, cobbled together into a hypothesis that Fuchsia must be the Andromeda project of lore. And it is stated in no uncertain terms: "Fuchsia is the actual name of the [Andromeda] operating system, while Magenta is the name of the kernel, or more correctly, the microkernel."

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