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Amazon announces Kindle Kids Edition, extends support for FreeTime

Amazon made a bevy of announcements today related to FreeTime, their platform that brings kid-friendly content — such as books, games, and movies — to handheld devices. The most interesting news, however, comes in the form of the Kindle Kids Edition: an e-reader aimed at a younger audience.

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Amazon brings family-focused FreeTime service to Alexa and launches Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon has announced that its child-friendly features and parental controls subscription service is coming to Alexa. Until now FreeTime has only been available on Fire, Kindle, and Android devices, but Amazon is now adding support for Echo speakers. At the same time, the company is also releasing a Kids Edition of the Echo Dot that includes a FreeTime subscription plus a brightly colored protective case.

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Amazon Introduces 'Kindle FreeTime Unlimited', Offers Slews Of Restriction-Free Children's Content For A Low Monthly Fee

It's no secret that Amazon is trying to turn the Kindle Fire/HD into the device that the entire family shares for content consumption, but now they've built a service that makes it even more relevant as such. Dubbed FreeTime Unlimited, the all-you-can-eat plan is serving up hot bowls of children's content, ready to be consumed day or night.


Among the unlimited content, you'll find books, games, educational software, movies, and TV shows - all just for kids. FreeTime Unlimited lets children dig through everything that's available to them, picking and choosing what to do next. The cool thing here, though, is that they've also disabled all in-app payments, ads, and all social media links/references within the FreeTime content - so parents can rest assured that their kiddos are safe inside of the virtualized world.

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