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Freeform windows can be enabled in Android Q without hacks

Back in Android 7.0 Nougat, Google added a feature called 'Freeform windows.' It allowed apps to run in resizable windows, but it was disabled by default, and the only way to use it was through ADB or third-party apps like Taskbar. In Android Q, Freeform windows can be enabled from the Developer Options — no hacks required.

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Taskbar updated to version 1.2, can now completely replace your home screen

I think we all long for a real, proper tablet interface for Android and not just a blown-up phone UI, like on the Pixel C. We reported on Taskbar, an app that adds a Windows-like taskbar to your device and enables freeform windows mode, a few weeks ago. Developer Braden Farmer has updated Taskbar to version 1.2, adding in a new way to launch the app as the default homescreen, plus a few other improvements.

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[Update] Taskbar lets you enable Freeform mode on Android Nougat without root or adb

When the Android N developer previews were released, we learned about a hidden "Freeform mode" that takes multi-window to a whole new level. Instead of being limited to two apps on top of each other or side by side, Freeform would let you open as many apps as you want and resize them any way to fit on the screen. But we later learned that Freeform wasn't going to be enabled on any existing Nexus devices, not even the Pixel C which would benefit a lot from it.

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