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Get A Free Google Cardboard VR Viewer... From This Porn Site (US Only)

If you haven't been able to grab a free Google Cardboard VR headset from various trade shows, under-supplied OnePlus promotions, Conan O'Brien, or anyone else, there's one more option. does what it says on the box, so to speak: if you're a United States resident over the age of 18, just enter an address and an email and they'll send you a free Google Cardboard unit. (You can probably use a fake email address...

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[Deal Alert] 12 Episodes Of Comedy Central Shows Are Currently Free In The Google Play Store

Google has decided to bless us with some free stuff, as they are apt to do. This time, you can own each of 12 episodes of shows on Comedy Central by just heading over there and grabbing them, free of charge. Each episode comes from a different program, which is probably just the network trying to give people a reason to get familiar with their offerings. Google, on the other hand, wants to remind you that the Play Store is a good option to buy this sort of thing.

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[Deal Alert] $110 Worth Of Games And Apps Are Free Today On The Amazon Appstore, Including Game Of Thrones, Sorcery! 3, And Bike Race Pro

Amazon likes to offer freebies every now and then on its Appstore. Aside from the daily gratis app or game, it runs regular huge promotions where it usually discounts over $100 worth of software to the awesome price of nada. Nil. Zilch. That's the case today with a mega deal lasting until May 16th 11:59PM PST.


The offer includes more than thirty apps and games, which total over $110 in their regular listing price. Most notable among the games are Game Of Thrones, Sorcery!

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[Deal Alert] Get The (Mostly) Instrumental Album 'Play Classical' Free On Google Play

Google semi-regularly offers free albums on the Play Store, and here's one for the ages. No, seriously. We're talking such timeless hits as Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 1 in B-Flat Minor and Messiah: Hallelujah! These and thirteen other tracks are waiting for those who jump on this opportunity to download the Play Classical album. This deal is probably limited to the US, but you never know.


The free selection has varied greatly over the past several months.

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[Deal Alert] Frozen Soundtrack, The Top-Selling Album Of 2014, Is Free On Google Play Today

As of Christmas Eve, the soundtrack to the hit Disney movie Frozen sold more albums than any other in the year 2014. Yep, even more than Taylor Swift. In what is likely just one of several post-Christmas deals and freebies to come, Google is giving it away for free.


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