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You can pick up Doom and Doom II for free if you bought a Chromebook

Chromebook ownership comes with plenty of perks: Android app support, stellar battery life, low hardware prices. But on top of all those implicit benefits are a handful of external perks Google provides in a constantly-changing selection — free stuff like apps, games, and Drive storage space. Chromebook owners will now be able to snag Doom, Doom II, and The Elder Scrolls: Legends Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion, though these offers aren't working for everyone.

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Grab the excellent Stardew Valley for free if you recently bought a Chromebook

Chromebook owners can redeem a lot of freebies through Google, but the problem is that many users never realize these offers exist or stop checking after they redeem the first batch. That's why we like pointing out newly-added perks to remind you to grab them before it's too late. The two latest additions are for gamers: the excellent Stardew Valley and an IAP in Lineage 2.

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Google offers two more Chromebook freebies ahead of Pixelbook Go launch

Google keeps its Chromebook offers page populated with a bunch of freebies and deals that are refreshed every few weeks. The company is now throwing in two new apps — Duet Display and Photolemur — for new Chromebook purchases just minutes before it’s expected to make the Pixelbook Go official.

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[Update: More countries] Google offers free Home Mini to One subscribers in US, Canada

Home Minis seem to be growing on trees for Google. The company won't waste an opportunity to offer them for free with a Pixel 2, Nest products, on eBay or Google Express, or with a Spotify Premium Family subscription, and now it's giving them away to some Google One subscribers too.

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[Update: Two new offers] Reminder: Grab your Chromebook freebies, including INKredible Pro and Noteshelf

If you've bought any Chromebook in recent times, you've probably redeemed your 100GB Drive storage perk, but Google offers more freebies from time to time, and it's a shame not to pick them up.

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Get a free Google Home Mini and GE C-Life light bulb ($55 value) with every Nest Hello purchase

If you're reading this from the US, odds are you have more Google Home Minis than rooms in your house. Every few days, there's a new promo that gets you a Home Mini for cheap or even free, but who are we to turn our noses up at gifts? If you're of that same conviction, you'll like today's deal which gets you Google's Home Mini and a GE C-Life light bulb with every Nest Hello.

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Freebie Alert: Francisco Franco's Kernel Manager is free worldwide for a brief time

If you've opened this article, odds are you're already familiar with the name Francisco Franco and his different apps, but most importantly his famous FrancoKernel, which gives you extensive control over your device. We're talking about battery improvements, processor management, granular control over your display, and more. The app that lets you easily download the kernel for your device and manage all its settings is now free worldwide, down from $3.49.

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Freebie alert: Simple Gallery Pro and five other tools by Simple Mobile are free, today only

It's becoming increasingly difficult nowadays to find good Android utilities that don't want something in return. Either the app is full of ads, either it requires many dubious permissions, or it could have hidden costs as IAPs that you didn't anticipate when you first downloaded it. So it's refreshing to see a developer eschew all of that by building open source utilities, without ads or IAPs, and that only ask for necessary permissions (and avoid any online connectivity). That's the ethos behind Simple Mobile Tools, and on its third birthday today, you can grab all six of its paid apps for free.

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Grab these 30 free Nickelodeon Audiobooks from Google Play

You know what's better than a deal? A freebie. And a freebie for kids is double as awesome — raising a child is expensive and any penny saving is welcome. So if you want to benefit from not one, but thirty freebies, all you have to do is head over to Google Play and grab some Nickelodeon audiobooks.

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[Freebie Alert] 9 more albums have dropped to free on Google Play Music

The free albums keep on coming on Google Play Music. First, there were twelve ICON albums geared toward country music, then a mix of nine pop and country records, and today we have nine more titles that have dropped to the nice price of free. The majority seems to be rock, alternative, or metal, but there's a bit of pop and country too — something for everyone.

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