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Old School RuneScape is officially available on Android as a free-to-play release

Back in September Jagex announced that Old School RuneScape would be releasing on Android on October 30th, and lo and behold, OSR Mobile is now officially available on the Play Store as a free-to-play release. That's right, the members beta is finally over, which means OSR Mobile no longer requires a subscription to jump in and enjoy its classic MMORPG gameplay.

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Ghostbusters World is Pokémon GO with ghosts, and you can play it now on Android

We knew Ghostbusters World would be releasing soon thanks to its recent pre-registration listing, and as of this morning, the location-based augmented reality ghost collection game is available for download from the Google Play Store. So put on your proton pack and grab your Tobin's Spirit Guide because this time you’re the one who’s gonna be called.

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Trivia Crack 2 hands on: More of the same in a prettier package

Etermax will release the sequel to its hit quiz game Trivia Crack on October 25th, but before it officially launches, I've decided to go hands-on with the title so that our readers will know what to expect from the upcoming release. Etermax has made it clear that Trivia Crack 2 has been redesigned to offer more enjoyable elements and an enhanced competitive flavor over its predecessor, but what does that really mean? To find out, click the read more button below.

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Piffle is a cute arcade puzzler from Hipster Whale, the creators of Crossy Road

There is no doubt that Hipster Whale is best known for its immensely popular endless arcade hopper Crossy Road, but did you know this is also the same company that developed Pac-Man 256 and Shooty Skies? That's a solid track record that speaks for itself, but if you've been wondering what the studio has been up to since Disney Crossy Road landed on the Play Store in 2016, then you'll want to take a look at its new self-published title Piffle, an adorable multi-ball brick-breaking game that mixes in some of the familiar bubble popping gameplay from Bust-a-Move.

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Capcom’s military sim Black Command is out on Android

After the noteworthy release of Monster Hunter Stories earlier this week, it's surprising to see Capcom releasing another game on the Play Store, and this time around it's actually an original IP for mobile. It's called Black Command, and it is a military sim that's been designed in collaboration with Japan's largest military website so that it accurately reflects real-world military standards.

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Streets of Rage 2 Classic is the latest SEGA Forever title on the Play Store

The SEGA Forever program may have had it's release schedule slowed down earlier this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few classics left in Sega's library that are slated to come to Android. Last month we received a re-release of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II, and today the classic beat 'em up Streets of Rage 2 is on the menu. This is the first time an official release of Streets of Rage 2 has landed on our digital shelves, and you can play it for free right now as long as you don't mind a bunch of annoying advertisements.

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Netmarble's turn-based gacha RPG 'Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie' is here

Netmarble doesn't have the greatest reputation. Thanks to its heavy-handed use of free-to-play mechanics and plenty of expensive in-app purchases, a lot of shade gets thrown its way, and deservedly so. That's why the release of its latest gacha RPG is a bit of a rare occurrence, it's actually not that bad. After a lengthy soft-launch period Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie is finally available on the Google Play Store, and despite the expected downsides of a title like this, there's a lot of fun to be had. So if you are a fan of 2D platforming and classic turn-based RPG battles, you're going to want to give this a gander.

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Disney is shuttering Star Wars: Rivals

You know, I for one am not a fan of free-to-play cash grabs that take advantage of popular brands. There used to be a time when Disney released paid games on the Play Store that weren't designed to pilfer children's pockets with gambling mechanics, but those days are long gone. This is probably why I take so much pleasure in the recent announcement that Disney is shutting down Star Wars: Rivals before it was even officially released.

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Bendy in Nightmare Run is a new endless runner with a slick '20s cartoon theme

Okay, I know endless runners are played out at this point as far as mobile games go, but every once in a while something lands on the Play Store that bucks the trend. The newly released Bendy in Nightmare Run is one such game. Not only does it use a slick '20s cartoon theme for its art design, but the swipe-based gameplay isn't all that bad either. So if you are ready for a very challenging endless runner that contains some of the coolest graphics on Android to date, Bendy in Nightmare Run is a perfect choice.

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Fortnite is out for select Samsung devices [APKs]

Alright, alright, everyone settle down. Fortnite is indeed here, but if you have been paying attention to the buildup to this release, you will know full well that it won't be available on the Play Store. It is however available on the Galaxy Apps store, and you can even get to the initial download from Samsung's Game Launcher application. You will need a recent Samsung device for this access, so as long as you own an S7, S8, S9, Note 8, Note 9, Tab S3, or Tab S4, you should be golden.

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