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[Deal Alert] Google Play Music Giving Away Three Free Albums And Offering 19 More For $0.99 (Y'all Know This Is Probably USA Only)

Freeee Stuff!!! Hooray!

Google has three more free albums on Google Play Music and also has discounted a ton of other ones to just 99 cents. Time to pad that music collection my fellow cheapskates, this is a great way to spend all those Google Opinion Reward credits you've been hoarding (they expire after a year BTW, so best use 'em before you lose 'em).

Here are the free albums

And here are the ones you have to pay for, but only $0.99.

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[Deal Alert] Mystery Album Free On Google Play Music (US Only)

As a lover of a good bargain, I write a fair number of deal alert articles for AP. Recently, I have seen a few readers complain in the comments that they are tired of these pieces. But you know what, those readers are in the minority. Most of the feedback I receive is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I've been told that the articles I write are of a quality you wouldn't get from any other guy.

Sorry to gush, but I just want to tell you all how I'm feeling. You readers mean everything to me. I promise that I won't ever post a lousy deal, because that would be a lie, and it might hurt you.

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