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[Free Alert] Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the Pretty Little Liars soundtrack, and more albums are gratis on Google Play Music

If you've been looking for some more music to add to your library, Google Play Music is once again offering free albums. Chances are that not all will be to your tastes, but we've got a wide variety to choose from this time around.

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[Free Alert] Paula Abdul ICON, jazz sampler, and more albums are gratis on Google Play Music

Google recently started handing out free music via Play Music again, and we're glad to see the trend back. Almost none of the music is the kind that most of us usually listen to, but hey, free is free. This time around, we've got a pretty wide variety, from jazz to Dutch pop.

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[Freebie Alert] 9 more albums have dropped to free on Google Play Music

The free albums keep on coming on Google Play Music. First, there were twelve ICON albums geared toward country music, then a mix of nine pop and country records, and today we have nine more titles that have dropped to the nice price of free. The majority seems to be rock, alternative, or metal, but there's a bit of pop and country too — something for everyone.

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[Freebie Alert] Grab these 5 gratis Google Play Music albums in the US (Updated)

There was a time, many months ago, when Google Play Music frequently dropped the price of a few albums to free. Then it stopped and we thought it would never happen again. But just this past week, we've seen the free deals return on twelve albums. Only "ICON" records were discounted, but today brings us a freebie deal on five non-ICON albums. Perhaps it's Google Play Music's last hurrah before YouTube Music takes over for good, perhaps it has nothing to do with Play Music and the labels are the ones discounting these albums. Regardless of the reason, now's the time to get some free music that should carry over to your YouTube Music account.

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[Deal Alert] Free four-month trial subscription to Google Play Music & YouTube Red available to new customers

If you've considered signing up for a music streaming subscription then here's an offer that you might like. Google is currently gifting new subscribers to Google Play Music a free four-month membership. Also included is a subscription for YouTube Red, with all its great benefits, including offline playback and ad-free videos.

The only catch, if you can even call it that, is that after four months you will have to pay $9.99 a month for the service. If you are just interested in the freebies, you can cancel your subscription any time after signing up and still enjoy the entire four-month trial.

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[Deal alert] Free album by Michael Bublé available today on Google Play (probably only USA)

Let’s play a little game, shall we?

I’m going to ask you a series of questions, if your answer is yes – or maybe – continue to the next question. If your answer is no, you can stop reading and move on to the next article on AP. Got it? Let’s begin.

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Uber drivers can stream Pandora Premium free for the next six months

What's better than listening to music on the ride home? Listening to commercial-free music. The next time you hop in an Uber car, your driver hopefully won't subject you to ads. Drivers can now stream Pandora Premium for the next six months, free.

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[Deal Alert] Jason Mraz's album 'We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.' free on GPM (likely US only)

I'm running out of creative ways to write these articles, but I'm going to try and give this one my bestest. Google is giving away another album for free on Google Play Music; this time it's Jason Mraz's third album, 'We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.'

I read about this earlier today, but I hadn't had the chance to post it yet because I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror. But, I won't hesitate no more, because I got a tell you about this deal before the cool done run out. In fact, nothing is going to stop me from sharing this free music with you but divine intervention.

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[Deal Alert] Led Zeppelin II Is Free On Google Play Music, Nearly A Dozen Other Albums From Classic Rock/Metal/Country Groups Just A Dollar (US Only)

Google's giving away music again today, this time from a group that some of you may have heard of. They call themselves the Heavy Balloon Band, or something like that, and their album Led Zeppelin II (Remastered) is the latest freebie on Google's own Play Music store.

In addition to the giveaway, Google also has another 11 albums from other Classic Rock, Metal, & Country singers on sale for just a buck. There ought to be something here for everyone, check out the list.

An eclectic selection to be sure, but there are at least four albums in that list that I'll be picking up, and I imagine you guys might be interested in a few as well.

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[Deal Alert] Jimmy Fallon's Comedy Music Album 'Blow Your Pants Off (Deluxe Version)' Free On Google Play (Probs US Only)

Jimmy Fallon is a funny man. He makes people laugh in a host of different ways. He plays hilarious games with celebrities, makes people look silly in street interviews, and sometimes, he invites famous musicians on his show to make ridiculous music. Every once in awhile he even sings himself!

Is it sweet, beautiful music? Eh... maybe (not really). Is it funny music? Definitely. What makes it even better is that it's now free music (normally $10.49). You read that right, Jimmy Fallon's album, Blow Your Pants Off (Deluxe Version), is free on Google Play Music.

In the album you'll find gems, such as: History of Rap (feat.

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