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LEGO City My City 2 mixes elements from Sim City and sandbox games for kid-friendly fun

LEGO has gained a well-earned reputation for releasing solid mobile games that eschew the usual advertising and in-app purchases, making them great choices for kids. (Okay, technically every LEGO game is an advertisement for those super-expensive toys, but there are worse ways to advertise to children.) LEGO City My City 2 - that's My City 2, using the long-running My City toy line brand, if you're wondering - is one of the company's most elaborate mobile games to date.

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If Zootopia and Mortal Kombat had a bastard child, it would be mobile one-on-one fighter Animelee

I recall with fondness the endless speculative arguments I heard around the elementary school lunch table in the 90s: who would win in a fight between Batman and Wolverine? Goku and Superman? Bill Clinton and Emilio Estevez? (There was always that one weird kid.) Imagine the same arguments happening in a university zoology department, and you might just find the inspiration for Animelee, an old-fashioned one-on-one fighter recently published in the Play Store. It's all about animals beating the crap out of each other. Check out the eye-popping trailer below:

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Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, the latest casual game from the makers of Crossy Road, mixes endless runners with park managers

How do zoos procure the exotic animals that they care for and exhibit? In the real world it's a complex process of identifying wild animals that can be captured without danger to themselves or the environment, often requiring cooperation with conservationists, universities, and private dealers. In Rodeo Stampede, you rope them like a three-day-old calf, jump on their backs, and try not to run into a wall.The latest game from Crossy Road developer publisher Yodo1 and developer Featherweight Games isn't claiming to be anything close to authentic, but it's a lot of fun.

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Maestria, A Beautiful Puzzle Game, Is Now Free On The Play Store

I love puzzle games. The more I have to use my brain to solve a riddle, the prettier the graphics, and the simpler the story, the better. I can then lose a few minutes trying my hand at a new level or simply get completely drowned for hours on end, going through levels like my life depended on it.

Maestria tickles that side of my gaming addiction. It is exactly the kind of game I should stay away from if I want to be productive at all for the rest of the day. It is eerily similar to Monument Valley in its isometric graphics and pastel color scheme, but the puzzle mechanic is different.

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Top-Down Racer Splash Cars Mixes And Matches Concepts From Micro Machines And Splatoon

Nintendo's kid-friendly multiplayer shooter Splatoon has been making a splash (sorry) in the wider gaming world ever since its release, thanks to an engaging mix of bright, colorful design and fresh gameplay ideas. We're never going to see the full Splatoon on Android (even when Nintendo does get around to making mobile games), but if you'd like something with a similar feel, give Splash Cars a try. It hits a lot of the same notes in a single-player mobile package.

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Zeptolab Goes Back To The Well With Cut The Rope: Magic, Now Available For Free In The Play Store

Zeptolab's gaming portfolio looks a little one-dimensional. After Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope HD, Cut the Rope 2, Cut the Rope: Experiments, and Cut the Rope: Time Travel, the developer only has two games in its Android portfolio that don't feature that tiny green monster. In the latest update, said monster gets considerably less green. Cut the Rope: Magic is now available in the Play Store for Android devices running 4.0 or later, and it has the now-standard $.99-99.99 in-app purchases.

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LEGO's Nexo Knights Franchise Makes Its Play Store Debut, Blending Building Toys With Video Games

The biggest trend in the toy world at the moment is the blend of "real" toys and action figures with digital games. LEGO's already dipped its toes into the same pool as Disney Infinity and Skylanders with LEGO Dimensions, but that's not the only combination that the mega-company is working on. An original franchise, Nexo Knights, lets kids build playsets based on the techno-fantasy theme and then upload the various characters' shield codes into the accompanying game, Merlok 2.0.

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Tales From The Borderlands Episode One Is Now Free On The Play Store

Hey, you. Yeah you, the gamer who constantly complains that there's nothing new or interesting to check out. First of all, you're wrong, and second of all, here's why: TellTale's adventure games. These folks constantly come up with new and interesting stories to tell (albeit in other people's universes) and wrap them up in a slick, mobile-friendly package with talented writing, great voice acting, and an episodic structure. Why haven't you checked them out yet?

It might be because all those adventure game episodes cost $5 a pop on Android. And I suppose that's fair - since each one will last you about 90 minutes (assuming you only play through it once), it's expensive by mobile standards.

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Amazon Ditches Its Free App Of The Day In Favor of Amazon Underground, With '$10,000 Worth of Apps And Games That Are Actually Free'

Amazon has had some pretty great deals as part of its Free App of the Day, but apparently that's over now. The prolific retailer is replacing it with Amazon Underground, which includes "over $10,000 of apps and games that are actually free." Specifically, Amazon is giving away paid apps and in-app purchases with an agreement that reimburses app developers based on the amount of time the apps are actually used.

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LEGO Brings Its BIONICLE Line To The Play Store As A Free Game With No In-App Purchases

I have fond memories of bringing home multiple LEGO Bionicle sets when I was 12. Apparently the half building block, half action figure toys are still around and gearing for a big relaunch this year, and a new video game is here to go along with the new toys. Bionicle is a basic top-down action title that pits players against stylized LEGO monsters in a color-coded legend staring six "Toa" heroes.

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Like most of LEGO's apps and games aimed at kids, this one is a free download with no in-app purchases or advertising. Of course you could argue that the game itself is advertising, but allowing parents to install something for their kids that they don't have to worry about is always appreciated.

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