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Amazon Ditches Its Free App Of The Day In Favor of Amazon Underground, With '$10,000 Worth of Apps And Games That Are Actually Free'

Amazon has had some pretty great deals as part of its Free App of the Day, but apparently that's over now. The prolific retailer is replacing it with Amazon Underground, which includes "over $10,000 of apps and games that are actually free." Specifically, Amazon is giving away paid apps and in-app purchases with an agreement that reimburses app developers based on the amount of time the apps are actually used.

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Over $40 In Free Music Apps Today On Amazon, Including Shazam Encore And TuneIn Radio Pro

Amazon has stayed true to its promise to offer a "premium" app of the day for free every day since the launch of its Appstore. On occasion, it has even offered multiple apps, best-of apps, or apps that are tangentially related in one way or another. Today, Amazon is offering a pretty cool bundle that revolves around music – music creation, discovery, listening, etc. There are some well-known titles in this bundle, too, like Shazam Encore and TuneIn Radio Pro, just to name a couple. Here's the full list:


Lots of goodies in there not only for the casual listening, but also for the musician.

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Amazon Giving Out Nine Free App Of The Day Favorites, Including Osmos HD, Chimpact, And Others

Yesterday Amazon gave away $40 in paid apps as a Christmas gift to Android users willing to install its mobile app store. That deal ran for just one day, but now the company is following up with another set of free apps. None of yesterday's apps are still available, but the new selections include the superb Osmos HD, the point-and-click adventure The Lost City, the adorable Chimpact, and even a few non-games.


The full list of apps includes:

If you throw in today's free app of the day, Disney's Where's My Perry, then that makes for ten apps you can get from Amazon today without spending a cent.

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Amazon Giving Away Over $40 In Free Apps For Christmas [Today Only]

Amazon definitely knows how to get into the Christmas spirit. To celebrate the world's biggest gift-giving holiday, the Appstore is giving away over $40 in paid apps for free. There are 11 apps and games in the list, including a few big names like Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Angry Birds Star Wars II. It shouldn't be hard to find something for everybody.


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[Deal Alert] Multiple Award Winner, 10000000, Is Today's Free App Of The Day On Amazon (Reg. $1.99)

If you have been keeping up with Amazon's Free App Of The Day, you've probably amassed a really big collection of pretty bad apps. In fact, since the launch of the Appstore in March 2011, only a couple dozen winners have graced the front page with a $0 price tag. Today we're lucky enough to see another one of those rare gems, 10000000 ("ten million"), for everybody to enjoy at no cost.


Why are we impressed by 10000000 going free for the day? Well, it has one of the highest ratings in the Play Store with 4.8 stars out of 5, and awards for Best Mobile Exclusive 2012 (Game Informer), Best Puzzle Game (5th Annual Best App Ever Awards), and Pocket Tactics Puzzle (GOTY 2012).

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Amazon Appstore Offering 18 Free Apps In Its 'Greatest Hits' Promo

Do you like free stuff? Do you have access to the Amazon Appstore for Android? Have you been forgetful about claiming the free app of the day? Then I have great news for you. Amazon is holding a Free App of the Day Greatest Hits promotion. Featuring 18 popular and previously freed apps, the promo returns each to the excellent price of $0 for a limited time. Here is a look at what you can get:


Well, what are you waiting for?

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If You're Still Using The Amazon Appstore, Osmos HD Is Free Today (Normally $2.99)

At this point, most of us here at AP have retired the Amazon Appstore. If you still use Amazon's Android app distribution software, though (read: anyone who owns a Kind Fire/HD), then today's free app of the day – Osmos HD – is actually worth grabbing.

1 2 3

For those who may not be familiar with the title, it's a quirky physics-based puzzler where you control simple one-celled organisms (called "motes") and absorb smaller organisms. It sounds simple, but it's actually quite challenging.

Osmos is actually a great, soothing time-waster, as the ambient environments and soundtrack easily invoke a zen-like state of relaxation.

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OfficeSuite Pro 6, TuneIn Radio Pro, Splashtop, And More Apps Are Free On The Amazon Appstore Right Now

Here at Android Police, we can't get enough good deals on apps. It's just in our DNA. And sometimes, our deal-seeking genetics tell us to do things we may have some reservations about. Like recommending free apps on the Amazon Appstore - which has its pros and cons. Today was one of the days where we couldn't help ourselves.

Amazon currently has a promo going on called "Free App of the Day Greatest Hits," in which many of the most popular free apps of the day are on sale for the low, low price of - you guessed it - zilch.

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今日は! The Amazon Appstore Is Officially Available In Japan

As part of the company's continued international expansion efforts, Amazon is now announcing that its Appstore is available in Japanese markets. Not a moment too soon, either, as in a couple of weeks, the Kindle Fire HD family will start selling in Japan (December 16th). Without an app market, it would be an even harder sell than a not-quite-Android tablet is now.


Image via Mitchey

The Appstore will be bringing paid apps (good news, developers!) as well as Amazon's typical Free App of the Day promotion. One-click payments and access to Amazon Web Services also round out the list of features available to developers.

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