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[Freebie Alert] Grab these 5 gratis Google Play Music albums in the US (Updated)

There was a time, many months ago, when Google Play Music frequently dropped the price of a few albums to free. Then it stopped and we thought it would never happen again. But just this past week, we've seen the free deals return on twelve albums. Only "ICON" records were discounted, but today brings us a freebie deal on five non-ICON albums. Perhaps it's Google Play Music's last hurrah before YouTube Music takes over for good, perhaps it has nothing to do with Play Music and the labels are the ones discounting these albums. Regardless of the reason, now's the time to get some free music that should carry over to your YouTube Music account.

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[Deal Alert] Google Play Music Offers 12 Albums For Free Or 99 Cents

Quite a few of you are probably travelling back home this weekend, and if you'd like some free or low-cost tunes to get you there, check out the Google Play Store. Play Music has four albums available for free, and another eight for just a dollar each, all from popular musicians and most of which have been released just this year. As usual, your mileage may vary with this deal - these album prices are valid in the United States, but may not be available elsewhere.

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[Update: And Moar] Deal Alert: Tons More 'Very Best Of' Albums From Classic Artists Available For Free On Google Play

You don't have to subscribe to a music streaming service to get a steady stream of songs spread across an eclectic mix of genres. Just wait around for Google to hand out free albums. With the regularly occurring Playlist: The Very Best Of...

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