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Another Free Album On Google Play Music: The Bleachers' Terrible Thrills Vol. 2

The Android Police staff must not be very musically eclectic, because none of us had ever heard of Bleachers before we spotted another free album on the Play Store. But don't let our lack of broad influences keep you from getting some free music: Terrible Thrills Vol. 2 is now up for grabs. Just add it to your Google account and you'll be able to stream or download it to your Android devices for free, gratis, and nothing. As with most of these free albums, it's a bit of a coin toss as to whether you can download it for free outside the US.

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[Deal Alert] Get The Very Best Of A Whole Bunch Of Music Artists From All Over The Place For Free On Google Play

Last week we saw that you were able to download Playlist: The Very Best of Ciara for free (you still can, but the way). That deal isn't alone. A slew of similar albums are also available for the same low price of awesome. And they aren't limited to any one genre either.

You can get the very best of Britney Spears or Destiny's Child if you're into pop, or you can step back in time to hear the work of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Playlist: The Very Best of Nas is here for fans of rap, and there's Incubus if you're looking for rock.

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[Deal Alert] Get The Very Best Of R&B Singer Ciara For Free On Google Play Music

Playlist: The Very Best of Ciara is currently available for free on Google Play. The album contains fourteen tracks of contemporary R&B from the 2000s, all by—you guessed it—Ciara.

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[Deal Alert] Buddy Guy's 'Born To Play Guitar' Blues Album (Google Play Deluxe Edition) Is Free To Download

Was the free Play: Blues Pioneers album from a few days ago not enough to satisfy your need for the blues? Silly question. What type of fan is ever happy after one album? So here's another. Google Play is giving out free digital copies of Buddy Guy's Born to Play Guitar.

Buddy Guy is 79 years old, and he's been making music for longer than most of our readers have been alive. Maybe even their parents. Born to Play Guitar came out this year, but it's just one in oh-dear-god-has-Buddy-Guy-really-made-this-many-albums?

Wow. Yeah. Go download this one. It comes with sixteen tracks and lasts for over an hour.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Free Classical Yo-Yo Ma Album On The Google Play Store

Another week, another free music album on Google Play. This time it's something a little more contemplative: a classical instrumental album from Yo-Yo Ma, probably the best-known concert cellist on the planet. You can grab The Sound of Yo-Yo Ma, which incidentally is exclusive to Google Play Music, for free right now. The deal is available in the United States and probably a few other places, though we can't be sure exactly where it is and isn't valid.

Yo-Yo Ma was born in Paris, and his family moved to New York City when he was five years old. His talent for the cello and other instruments earned him a place at the prestigious Julliard School.

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[Deal Alert] Jaime Lawson's Self-Titled Album Is Free To Pre-Order On Google Play, X From Ed Sheeran Is Just 99 Cents

Tonight the Google Play Store is giving US customers a lesson in delayed gratification. Would you rather have a free album of music in about two months, or a cheap album right now? That's the choice being presented between the self-titled Jaime Lawson and Ed Sheeran's X: the former is available for free if you pre-order it, and the latter is just a dollar, but all the songs are available right now. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from taking both of them.


Both artists are from the United Kingdom - according to his Wikipedia page, Lawson was recently signed to Sheeran's label, Gingerbread (which may have something to do with the discounts).

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[Deal Alert] Grab The Album 'Nina Revisited: A Tribute To Nina Simone' For Free On The Google Play Store

Every so often the Google Play Store makes previously paid movies, TV shows, and music albums free for a limited time - add them to your account during this window and you can keep them forever. The latest album to get this treatment is Nina Revisited, a compilation of songs honoring pioneering African American singer Nina Simone. Her career spanned five decades, and her style mixed jazz, American standards, pop, and gospel, making her one of the most unique vocalists of her era. She was also a prominent member of the Civil Rights movement.


The album is almost entirely comprised of covers of Simone's songs from contemporary artists like Lauryn Hill, Common, Usher, Mary J.

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[Deal Alert] Fórmula, Vol. 2 By Romeo Santos Is Google Play's Free Album Of The Week

Google regularly hands out free music albums, and it tries to shake things up in the process. In the past we've seen options as varied as Disney's Frozen and Kaskade's I Remember. This week listeners are treated to Latin-flavored songs from Romeo Santos. If you head to Google Play, you can download Fórmula, Vol. 2 in its entirety without paying a cent.

Screenshot 2015-06-23 at 4.13.22 PM

Fórmula, Vol. 2 hit the charts in February of 2014. It comes with 20 tracks, and altogether, you're looking at over an hour of content. Santos' hit singles "Odio" and "Propuesta Indecente" both call this album home.

Whether you're a big fan or just want to check out a Latin album for curiosity's sake, it doesn't matter.

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[Deal Alert] Three Jazz Albums From Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, And Others Are Currently Free On Google Play

It's time to take a step back in time and enjoy some of the tunes gifted to future generations from the 20th century. Google's offering three jazz albums for free in the US. One, entitled Playlist: The Very Best Of Billie Holiday, contains fifteen tracks (though it somehow lacks Strange Fruit edit: see this enlightening comment for an explanation). Playlist: The Very Best Of Miles Davis provides ten tracks from, you guessed it, Miles Davis.

Screenshot 2015-05-19 at 4.56.21 PM

Screenshot 2015-05-19 at 4.56.31 PM

The third album is similar to the Play Classical album that went on sale earlier this month. Play: Jazz Pioneers offers more music from Billie Holiday and Miles Davis, along with other hits from the likes of Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, and Paul Desmond.

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[Deal Alert] Get The (Mostly) Instrumental Album 'Play Classical' Free On Google Play

Google semi-regularly offers free albums on the Play Store, and here's one for the ages. No, seriously. We're talking such timeless hits as Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 1 in B-Flat Minor and Messiah: Hallelujah! These and thirteen other tracks are waiting for those who jump on this opportunity to download the Play Classical album. This deal is probably limited to the US, but you never know.


The free selection has varied greatly over the past several months. We've seen albums from the likes of Kascade, Coldplay, Meatloaf, and Toto. Before that, there was Disney's Frozen.

I'm an instrumental music guy, so I've already hit the download button for this one. If you're not sure you're a fan, now would be a great time to take a chance and Play Classical.

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