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[Update: Frank team responds] Indiegogo suspends campaign for "frank." phone after Terms of Use violation

Earlier this month, two entrepreneurs from Ottawa, Canada launched a crowdfunding campaign for the "frank." phone. The main premise was that smartphones are too expensive, and there needs to be a phone priced competitively that does everything you need it to. The project had a very edgy tone, using phrases like, "It’s just another fucking phone but it’ll only cost you $180," and, "It’s about time to disrupt the shit out of the North American smartphone industry."

Unfortunately for the Frank team (and anyone who wanted the phone), Indiegogo has now suspended the project's crowdfunding campaign and automatically refunded all contributions.

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[Update: Frank team responds] "Frank." isn’t just a phone, it’s a phony

The Android enthusiast community has always been hungry for phones that offer a flagship experience at a low cost. That's why people still mourn Google's Nexus program a year later, despite numerous hardware problems over the years (I should know, my 5 and 5X both died unexpectedly after about a year). And despite OnePlus' many misfires over the years, the company's phones are still praised.

Two entrepreneurs from Canada have been working on the "Frank." phone (which I will refer to as simply 'Frank'). The team's pitch is simple - companies charge far too much for smartphones. I'm sure many of you will agree with that - the $1000 starting price of the Note8 is insane.

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