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YouTube Music comes to Google Home in many more countries (Europe, Japan, Canada)

As the story goes, Google isn't particularly good at making its own services and apps work together. Take YouTube Music for example. It took months for the streaming service to be available on Android Auto and as an alarm provider in the Clock app, and it still isn't integrated in Google Maps the way Spotify and Play Music are. But things are ever-so-slowly improving. You can (now) pick YouTube Music to be your music provider on Google Assistant and Home speakers in many, many more countries.

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[Update: Formal Google announcement, Wear OS] France says 'bonjour' to Google Pay as support for first six banks arrives

Last week we got caught up with some of the latest banks to join the Google Pay family, seeing new payment options come online for users in Spain, Italy, and Japan. While that was fantastic, for as much as we love seeing Pay support fleshed out in nations like these, it's even better when it comes to an entirely new one. As fate would have it, that's exactly what's happening right now, as Google Pay comes to France.

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OnePlus 6T now on sale in Europe, here's where you can buy it

With its latest phone, OnePlus has graduated from 'flagship on a budget' to be a true contender for the best smartphone around. Check out Ryne's review if you don't believe me. Open sales started in the US several days ago, but it's now available to buy in Europe too.

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Google Home Max available in UK, France, and Germany starting today

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but Google's Home products aren't available in very many countries. In fact, availability is actually fairly restricted, especially on the Home Max. Until May, the biggest Home speaker was only available in the US, though Canada and Australia have since joined the list. Now, the Home Max is arriving in the UK, France, and Germany.

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Google France shuts down its Google+ page, asks users to follow it on Twitter and Facebook instead

No social network has been as equally loved and hated as Google+. Those who use it appreciate the tight community and fruitful discussions, those who don't use it see no reason whatsoever to start doing so and deride its many shortfalls. Plus, both the spam propagation and the lack of meaningful development haven't helped its case lately. But nothing has sounded the alarm bells of Google+'s slow demise into pointlessness as much as one of Google's own entities deciding to abandon the platform for good.

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Google Photos photo books are launching in the UK and France today

Google announced its Photos photo books back in 2017, but the service was initially only available in the US. Canada was added later in the year, and no other countries joined the list for about nine months. Earlier this week, photo books arrived in Germany, and today they're hitting the UK and France as well.

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Google Play adds billing methods for Colombia and Tanzania, tweaks payments in other countries

We take the ease of billing on the Play Store for granted here in the US, but many other countries don't have as many or as flexible options when it comes to picking up apps, movies, books, or music via the service. But for customers in Colombia, Tanzania, Thailand, Chile, and Peru, new payment methods are now possible. Conversely, France and Saudi Arabia have lost some options.

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Amazon Echo speakers now available for pre-order in France

Amazon Alexa is currently available in nine countries via the company's Echo speakers, but that number is about to grow by one. The Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Spot can now be pre-ordered in France, with hundreds of new skills being introduced for the French market.

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Xiaomi is now selling its products in France

Xiaomi is now slinging phones (and scooters) in France. Senior Vice President Wang Xiang announced on Twitter today that a number of outlets in the country now carry Xiaomi's products, specifically mentioning the Mi Mix 2S, Redmi Note 5, and Mi Electric Scooter.

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[Update: Three owner confirms availability] Xiaomi is expanding its reach across Europe

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has confirmed that it is expanding its reach across Europe. Its popular handsets and other devices will go on sale in France and Italy later this month. One carrier has already confirmed that it plans to sell Xiaomi smartphones in the U.K., too.

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