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IFTTT adds 9 new channels for Nokia Sleep, TxHash, Moodo, OhmConnect, and more

IFTTT continues to expand the realm of automation possibilities at its users' disposal. Over the past month or so, nine new channels have been added to the connect-everything service. Most of them will make your home smarter (or more pleasing to your olfactory receptors), while one connects a number of services to the Ethereum blockchain.

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[Get A Whiff Of This] Scentee Is An Upcoming Smartphone Accessory That Lets You Smell Incoming Notifications

What's that smell? No, that isn't grandma in the kitchen, frying up a football team-sized supply of bacon and eggs. That's your smartphone letting you know that it's time to wake up. And those roses you caught a trace of yesterday? That was supposed to be your reminder to pick up an anniversary card and some flowers on the way home from work, but the alarm obviously didn't get the job done. Oh well, there's always next year (hopefully). With Scentee, a Japanese smartphone accessory that can produce smells in place of smartphone notifications, you always have an aid that can knock some scents into you.

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