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YouTube TV retains most Fox regional sports networks, drops NY and LA channels (Updated)

Google and Fox Regional Sports networks owner Sinclair Broadcast Group have agreed to a new carriage deal that will see 19 local sports channels across the nation remain on the YouTube TV lineup. There are major omissions, though, as the YES Network in New York and Los Angeles-based Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket will be cut loose, effective today.

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FNGenius is an upcoming HQ Trivia competitor from FOX TV

Quiz app HQ Trivia became immensely popular in a short space of time, capitalizing on users' fondness for being challenged as well as their thirst for winning (often tiny amounts of) cash. The app's success hasn't gone unnoticed by the Fox Broadcasting Company, which is about to debut a competitor called FNGenius: Live Game Show.

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Report: Google reaches agreement with CBS for 'Unplugged' web TV service - Fox and Disney may follow

The future of cable cutting, getting rid of expensive cable or satellite television service in favor or more economical web subscriptions, is murky. Currently users need to choose between competing libraries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other big-name streamers, or negate some of the savings of cable cutting by subscribing to multiple services. Some newer offerings like SlingTV and PlayStation Vue are bridging the gap, and it looks like Google wants to join them, according to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal.

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Fox Digital Entertainment And Wooga Have Partnered Up For Game Of Drones, A Mobile Game Based On Futurama

Futurama: Game of Drones is an upcoming mobile game in which the Starks of Winterfell invade from the north atop hovering metal horses while slinging laser-tipped arrows.

Wait, sorry, I'm being told that this subtitle is something called a pun. The game is actually based on Futurama, and it's coming to us though a partnership between Berlin-based developer Wooga and Fox Digital Entertainment.

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Zen Studios Releases Bob's Burgers, Archer, Family Guy, And American Dad Pinball Games

Are you a fan of cartoons produced, owned, and distributed by Fox Broadcasting Company? Hey, then it's your lucky day—well, unless you don't like pinball. Zen Pinball now has tables based on Bob's Burgers, Archer, Family Guy, and American Dad.

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AT&T's U-verse App Gets New Streaming Channels From Fox, National Geographic, And NBC Sports


Android TV's App Selection Will Expand Soon With HBO Go, Twitch, FX Now, VUDU, WWE, And More

Even with a major infusion of horsepower with devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD and Razer Forge TV, the biggest thing holding back the Android TV platform is a scarcity of apps compared to more mature alternatives like Roku. It looks like Google is quickly trying to close the gap: in addition to the announcement of HBO Now (currently exclusive to Apple hardware) at Google I/O, a handful of high-profile and formerly unavailable apps are also making their way to Android TV in the near future.


NVIDIA's SHIELD announcement post makes explicit mention of HBO Go (which is essentially the same thing as HBO Now, but for more conventional cable subscribers), FX Now, Fox Now, Fox News, EPIX, WWE, UFC, Vimeo, Qello, Vudu, and Twitch.

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FXNOW, FOXNOW, And HGTV Watch Also Add Chromecast Support

CBS isn't the only network streaming app that's new to the Chromecast scene today. FXNOW, FOXNOW, and HGTV Watch are also ready to stream their content from an Android device to your TV.

Before downloading the apps make sure you know your cable subscriber login information as you will need it if you want access to most of the apps streaming contents. Viewing anything besides a couple of clips and previews on FXNOW and HGTV Watch will require you to verify your cable TV subscription first. FOXNOW also reserves viewing privileges for most of its series for paying customers, but the app does allow users to watch recent episodes of a few select shows, including Empire, Gotham, and The Last Man on Earth, without logging in.

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[New App] Fox Sports GO Streams Live Sports To Cable Subscribers, With A Few Restrictions

Another week, another cable channel with its own app, but this one will be particularly welcome for sports fans. Fox is now ready to broadcast its cable sports content to subscribers via the Fox Sports GO app, offering a live feed of available games and various talking head sports shows. Oddly this app shows up as a "version 2.0" release - Fox may have been testing it internally, since the Wikipedia page says that the Android version is still forthcoming. It's been available on iOS for some time.


Fox Sports GO can stream Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Fox Deportes (Spanish language coverage), and some high-profile events from Fox's network broadcasts.

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[New App] Fox Releases The Official Cosmos Companion App, Reminds Us It Has A Streaming Video App For Full Episodes

It has been more than 30 years since the late, great Carl Sagan took to the airwaves to talk about how our future as a species depends powerfully on our understanding of the cosmos, which we float in like a mote of dust. The original Cosmos debuted in 1980 and inspired a generation of scientists and science nerds alike. Now the series is back with Neil deGrasse Tyson at the helm, and Fox has released a new companion app for Android that can help you explore the majesty and unbelievable scale of the cosmos while watching the show.

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The app itself contains expanded information, trailers, galleries, and other tidbits from each episode.

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