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YouTube TV retains most Fox regional sports networks, drops NY and LA channels (Updated)

Google and Fox Regional Sports networks owner Sinclair Broadcast Group have agreed to a new carriage deal that will see 19 local sports channels across the nation remain on the YouTube TV lineup. There are major omissions, though, as the YES Network in New York and Los Angeles-based Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket will be cut loose, effective today.

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FOX Sports VR lets you watch games in the dream house you'll never be able to afford

One of the core principles of video games is that they're aspirational: we beat the invincible bad guy and drive hovercraft race cars in lavish fantasy worlds because we can't ever do it in real life. Video games are now so amazing that they're intersecting with the real world in the form of VR, but our aspirations have softened a bit as we've gotten older - now some of those impossible dreams include "owning a really nice house." FOX Sports VR has embraced the death of the American dream by virtualizing that nice house and letting you watch football in it.

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FOX Sports GO adds Chromecast streaming and now works on Roku

There are dozens of apps and subscriptions you can use to watch live sports, but if your TV provider already gives you access to FOX Sports, you can use the GO app on your phone or tablet to keep up with your favorite teams and leagues on the go. The app just got another perk now, one that lets you bring that content from the small screen to the big one: Chromecast support.

That's right: FOX Sports GO can now bring your content full circle from the TV to your phone/tablet and back to the TV again. So you can basically take your sports with you wherever you go as long as you have your little Chromecast and there's a big screen available to you.

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