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Foursquare City Guide comes to Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 is sure getting a lot of support from developers. Maybe it's the fact that the old way of installing apps on the watch (by bundling the small watch's APK file with the main phone app's APK) won't work with Wear 2.0. Maybe it's the long developer preview period that gave teams and individuals the time to update their apps. And maybe it's Google incentivizing everyone to get their apps on Wear 2.0. Who knows?! The end result is that a lot of apps over the past couple of weeks have been updated to work with Android Wear 2.0.

The latest app to join the fold is Foursquare City Guide.

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Foursquare Gets Android Wear App In Latest Update, Now Provides Personalized Recommendations From A Tiny Screen

Last year the company that made it a thing to "check in" somewhere shed the social network aspect of its service and pushed out a complete redesign. The new Foursquare was less interested in where you've been and more concerned about where you're going. The experience now centers around personalized recommendations, and the latest version sticks those suggestions directly on your wrist.

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 11.22.24 AM

The Foursquare Android Wear app lets you search for interesting places in your area and get information on your smartwatch. There isn't much screen real estate to work with, but you can see a restaurant's location on a map, how far it is from your location, whether it's pricey, and its overall rating.

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Hootsuite Updates Its App With A Fresh Coat Of Material Design And Improved Facebook Pages Functionality

The Material fever has struck again and this time it took over the Hootsuite social application. The service, which supports both Twitter and Facebook (along with LinkedIn and Foursquare), has moved from a very Holo design to a more or less Material one that sits quite comfortably on Lollipop devices.

Included are a transparent status bar, a colorized tab bar, a navigation drawer that slides on top of the entire app (but below the status bar), a FAB for quickly posting a new message, and appropriate icons in the drawer. Animations are mysteriously absent, the only effects I saw were when you try to tap a post or when you drop down the account selector while typing.

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Completely Redesigned Foursquare App Hits Google Play With A New Focus On Personalized Recommendations

There comes a time in the evolution of every tech company where things just need a refresh. For Foursquare, that time is now. Last month the company branched its core app into two separate offerings, with the friends-hanging-out portion taking the name of Swarm. Now the mainline app's refresh has arrived, and it's all about delivering personalized recommendations. Think more Yelp and less Twitter.

The new Foursquare wants you to find places, food, and things that turn you on. It does this by asking for as many specific keywords as you can come up with, at which point it will take it from there, tossing up suggestions and learning from the ones you like.

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Foursquare Update Adds GrubHub Seamless Integration For In-App Restaurant Deliveries

This is 2014. We may not have flying cars, hoverboards, or self-drying jackets, but dammit, we can find new and lazier ways to eat good food. Take GrubHub (and its BFF Seamless) for example: a centralized repository of restaurants that will be more than happy to bring you food in the middle of an 8-hour League of Legends binge. Today the combined company is teaming up with Foursquare, so you don't even have to visit their website to get your grub on.


The latest update to the Foursquare Android app adds a GrubHub option for restaurants that support the company's delivery system, allowing you to browse your local eateries and order right from the app.

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Foursquare Is Getting Smarter Every Day, Now Adding Background Notifications

If you told me that you'd never heard of Foursquare, I'd call you a liar. We've all see the cross-posts from Foursquare on Twitter and Facebook. I'd find it hard to believe that you had gone your entire life without seeing Foursquare notifications, but if you told me you didn't know what Foursquare was for, that I could believe. Foursquare, at its heart, is a fairly straightforward location-based game. You check into whatever establishment you're at, you collect points, and you lord your obvious superiority over your friends and loved ones. You can leave tips about businesses on their foursquare pages, get discounts at stores and coffee shops, and see if any of your friends are nearby.

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[New App] Team Red Cross Gamifies Local Volunteer Activities, Schools Other Apps With Impeccable Holo Design

You've got to respect the American Red Cross: they're just a bunch of people who love to help people. As a recipient of their assistance through multiple emergencies (hey forest fires, you suck) I've been delighted to see their various disaster apps pop up on the Play Store. But their latest tops them all: Team Read Cross gives you a ton of information on volunteer opportunities in your area, then "gamifies" the act of completing them, sort of like a Foursquare that actually encourages you to do meaningful stuff.

unnamed (7) unnamed (6) unnamed

Sign in to the app with your Facebook account or a separate Red Cross account, and it will let you know about opportunities in your area.

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Foursquare Teams Up With Samsung To Turn Your Past Check-Ins Into A Killer Experience Called Time Machine

Foursquare is a neat way to keep your friends appraised of your location and activities, as is the custom in this day and age. With the help of Samsung, you can now see all your Foursquare check-ins through a living timeline called Time Machine. Even if you don't have a Foursquare account, check out the demo. It's really cool.


Time Machine is an aerial view of your check-ins laid out chronologically. It plays back at warp speed, laser-like streamers of color dashing from one check-in to the next. A sidebar shows you stats about your check-ins while locations flash up across the screen.

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Foursquare For Android App Receives Major Update, New Features And Some Light UI Rearranging

Foursquare received a significant update today, adding new features like nearby friends and places on the home screen map, and a "Best Nearby" button that allows you to see highly rated locations in your general vicinity. Here's the full changelog:

We’ve made some big changes, making it easier to quickly find the best stuff nearby:
✓ Explore is at the top of the home screen so you can quickly find whatever you’re craving. Tap “Best Nearby” to see our top picks in the area!
✓ See friends and places nearby on the home screen map
✓ Access your to-do list and other essentials with the left drawer
✓ The check in button is at the bottom left
✓ Lots more!

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[New App] Foursquare For Business Checks Into The Play Store To Attract Customers On The Go

Believe it or don't, Fourquare has grown beyond hipster urbanites who desperately want to be the Mayor of the 6th Street Starbucks. More than a few businesses - independent or otherwise - are seeing the value in the location-based service. To that end, Foursquare has released its free business app on the Play Store, allowing local managers to update their business status for single or multiple locations.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

Within the Foursquare for Business app, you can keep tabs on recent check-ins, set specials for users, and look up in-depth statistics for your business's performance on Foursquare. You can also update your location's status and send it out to Facebook and Twitter.

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