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Some Stadia pre-orders were incorrectly canceled, but Google is starting to replace them (Updated)

Many of the Stadia Founder’s Edition preorders were canceled en masse days before the gaming service’s hyped debut on Tuesday. A fault in Google Store’s payment gateway initially put some orders with the limited-edition package on hold, but the issue was further aggravated when the troubleshooting steps also failed. In no time, Stadia’s subreddit was swarmed by affected buyers going on about the entire episode, which finally helped grab Google’s attention.

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Stadia Founder's Edition sells out everywhere, some pre-orders may be delayed

Though it sold out in Europe earlier, the Stadia Founder's Edition has now sold out everywhere, with Google now pushing folks to the alternative Premiere Edition kit instead. This new set doesn't come with the same perks, though, and according to a statement from Google secured by The Verge, some Founder's Edition and Premiere Edition pre-orders may not get their orders in time for the November 19th launch date.

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Google announces Stadia Premiere Edition as Founder's pack sells out in most of Europe

According to the official Stadia Twitter account, the Founder's Edition pack that includes the lovely Night Blue controller and 3 months of Stadia Pro for you and a buddy has now sold out in most countries across Europe. To soften the blow, a new Premiere Edition has been cobbled together that includes most of the same bits but isn't quite so appealing.

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