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Fossil's fifth-gen smartwatches showcase Wear OS at its best (Update: four months later)

Google's Wear OS platform is in a bit of a weird place. The operating system itself is still being periodically updated with new features and improvements, like the Tiles function that was released in May, but the third-party app library is still minimal, and Qualcomm has been slow to improve the underlying hardware. Still, Wear OS isn't going anywhere, and the closest thing to a flagship watch is the new fifth-generation Fossil Q lineup.

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Fossil reveals fifth-gen smartwatches with Wear 3100 CPU and extended battery mode

Fossil Group is one of the last manufacturers left keeping Wear OS afloat. Last year's Fossil Sport was perhaps the best Wear OS smartwatch yet, though the promised battery life improvements in the Wear 3100 chip still haven't materialized. Fossil is now bringing the Sport's features to its other watches, and adding a few more improvements on top.

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[Update: Deal is live again] Grab one of Fossil's latest Wear OS smartwatches for $200 ($75 off)

Fossil is one of the most active brands when it comes to developing Wear OS smartwatches. Its products are stylish and discreet but still feature advanced hardware, including heart rate sensors and GPS chips on the latest models. The Sport series features the newer Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip, which makes it one of the snappiest watches around. If you'd rather boast a more traditional-looking timepiece, the Gen 4 Q Explorist and Q Venture are what you need, but may be slightly behind when it comes to performance as they're based on the older Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset.

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Fossil's third-gen Wear OS smartwatches are 25% off, as low as $134

Fossil announced its fourth-generation Fossil Q smartwatches in August of last year, but the company still has some third-gen watches in stock. The older models were already on sale, but now Fossil has taken an additional 25% off, reducing prices to as low as $134.25.

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Fossil announces fourth-generation smartwatches with NFC, GPS, and heart rate sensors

Fossil's third-generation Q smartwatches have been going on sale frequently as of late - and now we know why. Today the company announced fourth-gen Fossil Q watches, starting with the Q Venture HR and Q Explorist HR.

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4 of our favorite tech sales, discounts, and deals this week

For passionate Android fans, there are few times of year that are happier than when we're glued to our screens reading all the news, watching all the streaming sessions, and catching up on everything that's happening at Google I/O. The past few days have kept us seriously busy with the Android P beta, to say nothing of updates for other Google services. But even with all these heavy-duty distractions going on, we still had an eye out for the best new deals and offers to land. In case you missed them first time around, here are some of our favorite ways to save a little money this week.

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[Update: Gen 3 as low as $151] Deal alert: Fossil Q Gen 3 smartwatches are 30% off ($178+), Gen 2 watches 50% off ($137)

Fossil has been making smartwatches with Android Wear for a while now, under the 'Fossil Q' brand. The third generation of Q watches have been available for a few months, and now you can get any of them for 30% off from Fossil's website, and a few second-gen watches are on sale too.

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Fossil announces Q Venture and Q Explorist Android Wear watches, coming Fall 2017

The Baselworld trade show, held each Spring in Basel, Switzerland, is a showcase of the latest and greatest that watch and jewelry brands have to offer. This year, we've seen several new Android Wear smartwatches at the show - from the Movado Connect to the Misfit Vapor. Fossil has announced two new wearables at the event.

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Fossil's Android Wear-Powered Smartwatch Is Called The Q Founder, Will Launch October 25th Starting At $275

Fossil has officially given the Android Wear-powered device that it's making in conjunction with Intel a name—the Q Founder.

As you might expect, it's a large and ostentatious creation. And unlike most other circular smartwatches these days, it comes with a Moto 360-style flat tire. Fossil doesn't seem too keen on showing off this particular watch, a pattern that led to confusion the last time we covered this device.

Its most recent blog post makes no mention of Android Wear and instead shows off its other connected electronics: the Q Grant (a more traditional looking watch capable of delivering alerts) and two activity trackers, the Q Dreamer and Q Reveler.

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Fossil Shows Off The Fossil Q With Android Wear [Updated]

Android Wear watches have come a long way in such a short period of time. Though the first wave of devices included the plastic, Pebble-looking LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, these days we have the LG Urbane and the Huawei Watch. Soon we will also have the Fossil Q.

Fossil had models sport three new Fossil Q devices at the Baja East and Dion Lee fashion shows in New York last week, because unlike the other guys in the Android Wear game, it's an accessory-maker first.

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