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Get the Fossil Gen 5 Garrett for $179 ($116 off) on Amazon

The Fossil Gen 5 is one of the best Wear OS smartwatches you can buy, thanks to a stylish design and solid hardware let down only by Qualcomm's lackluster support for the platform and the inherent bugginess of Wear OS. The Garrett styling of the Gen 5 has the same hardware as the regular model, only wrapped up in a fancy new exterior. The usual $295 price tag is quite high, but if you grab it at Amazon now you can get it for the much more palatable $179 ($116 off).

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Fossil announces new styles for Gen 5, Sport, and Hybrid HR smartwatches

Fossil Group has a lot to talk about at CES 2020: there's new wild-looking Diesel smartwatch, as well as the third-generation Skagen Falster. If you've had your eye on some of Fossil's existing watches, you'll be glad to hear they are now available in more styles.

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The best Wear OS smartwatch is only $172 ($123 off) at Amazon (Update: Extra savings removed)

One of the great things about being an Android user is that there are plenty of good smartwatch options to match any style and preference. If you want the best Wear OS watch on the market, though, there is only one that we'd recommend above all the rest. For a limited time, you can pick up a brand new Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch for only $172 ($123 off) at Amazon.

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Fossil's fifth-gen smartwatches showcase Wear OS at its best (Update: four months later)

Google's Wear OS platform is in a bit of a weird place. The operating system itself is still being periodically updated with new features and improvements, like the Tiles function that was released in May, but the third-party app library is still minimal, and Qualcomm has been slow to improve the underlying hardware. Still, Wear OS isn't going anywhere, and the closest thing to a flagship watch is the new fifth-generation Fossil Q lineup.

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The Fossil Gen 5 for $169 ($126 off) is the best smartwatch deal in months (Update: Sale back on)

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is the best Wear OS device you can buy right now, even if that isn't a terribly high bar to climb. However, the original $295 pricetag made it a difficult recommendation, especially when Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active was $100 less. Now the tables have turned — the new Watch Active2 costs $300, and now the Fossil Gen 5 is just $169.00.

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Get Fossil's Gen 5 smartwatches for only $185 ($110 off) (Updated)

The Fossil Gen 5 is currently one of the best Wear OS smartwatches you can get if you want to invest in Google's vision for wearables. Only about three months after the initial release, it's already heavily discounted on Amazon. You can save $90 on the Carlyle Stainless Steel and the more feminine Julianna Stainless Steel variants of the watch as they're down to just $205.

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Fossil Gen 5 is the best Wear OS smartwatch you can buy this holiday season [Sponsored Post]

Although the Wear OS hardware market is teeming with OEMs vying for precious wrist real estate, none are quite as ubiquitous as the fashion, jewelry, and smartwatch empire that is Fossil. Since almost the beginning of Google's wearable operating system, Fossil has been a mainstay in the Wear OS community, oftentimes championing the platform with its iconic designs and widespread brand appeal. This fall, Fossil is back at it with the fifth generation of its popular smartwatch series.

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