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Forza Street, a free-to-play racing game, is coming to Android later this year

The Forza video game series is widely known as an Xbox exclusive, but that's about to change with Turn 10's latest release, Forza Street. Xbox has just announced that Forza Street is available on Windows 10 today, and that it'll come to Android and iOS later in the year.

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V-Moda Forza and Forza Metallo review: The most comfortable in-ear headphones I've ever used

Wireless headphones may be the craze these days, but manufacturers are still producing plenty of wired headphones, and for good reason. Wired headphones sound better than their cord-free counterparts, don't require any fiddly pairing, and most importantly, never need to be charged. V-Moda, makers of some of my favorite headphones I've tested to date, has decided to jump into the in-ear headphone game with their own line of fitness oriented headphones and I've spent the last few weeks testing them out. 

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V-Moda unveils a new line of fitness oriented in-ear headphones with both wired and wireless options

V-Moda is a brand that's admired by several of us here at AP. It has the reputation of delivering attractive headphones with excellent sound at a (somewhat) reasonable price. I reviewed its Crossfade Wireless headphones a couple of months back and thoroughly enjoyed them.

While the headphone manufacturer has focused primarily on over ear headphones in the past, it's shaking things up today by announcing three new fitness oriented sets of in-ear earbuds. They range from $100 to $170 with two wired models and one that is wireless.

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