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Fortnite season 8 is here, and it brings two new locations and a bunch of pirate booty

The eighth season of Fortnite is here. It brings along a new Battle Pass with 100 new levels and rewards, but it also contains two new locations, a monstrous volcano, pirates, ninjas, cannons, and of course a bunch of new loot. The start of a new season also means you should say goodbye to vaulted items like the and X-4 Stormwing plane, but luckily the new arrival of hot air vents make for an acceptable transportation substitute.

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You can now merge your Fortnite accounts to share your V-Bucks

The ability to merge your Fortnite accounts to share cosmetics and pool V-Bucks across different platforms is finally possible. Being able to play against your friends regardless of what device they used has been one of Fortnite's strengths, but it made managing game resources sometimes more difficult than it needed to be. Epic Games now lets you access a single account on multiple consoles, but the process will see your inventory locked for a few weeks.

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Fortnite 7.30 update adds controller support for Android

Before today one of the playerbase's most wanted features for the mobile version of Fortnite was controller support. Well, it looks like the developers have been listening to the fans as the 7.30 update released today finally adds in support for bluetooth controllers, such as the Steelseries Stratus XL, Gamevice, Xbox One, Razer Raiju, and Moto Gamepad. And if the inclusion of this controller support isn't enough to float your boat, maybe the addition of 60Hz support for select Android models will pique your interest.

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More Samsung-exclusive gear is coming to Fortnite on November 1

Epic Games' blockbuster third-person shooter Fortnite originally came to Android only on Samsung devices. Although it's now more widely available, Samsung users still get some exclusive perks. Last month, Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 owners could snag an exclusive in-game Galaxy skin, and starting in November, they'll also have access to a matching accessory pack.

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Fortnite is now available on all compatible Android devices without an invite

There have been battle royale games in the past, but none of them inspired quite the same level of fanatical devotion as Fortnite. This game has become a phenomenon on computers and game consoles, and the mobile versions are off to a good start. The Android version launched a few weeks ago as an invite-only beta, but now it's open to all players.

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Fortnite players on Android will be able to play with PS4 users starting today

Thanks to an extended Fortnite cross-play beta that launches on PlayStation 4 sometime today, Android players will finally be able to team up with their PS4 buddies. Cross-play is, of course, a feature that's already available to Android users, but now that Sony is finally concentrating on cooperating with competing gaming platforms, everyone can finally play together.

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Opinion: Google's 30% cut of Play Store app sales is nothing short of highway robbery

Congratulations: You've finally developed your million-dollar app. You took a great idea, implemented it, built it into a polished UI, and tested it until you tracked down every last bug. Now it's ready for public release, so you can sit back, relax and ... earn just 70% of what users pay for your software? That doesn't sound right. Yet it's a position that mobile app developers everywhere find themselves in, one that's perched somewhere on the intersection between wildly unfair and mild extortion.

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Samsung's Fortnite contest offers gaming goodies and the chance to play with streamer 'Ninja'

Samsung is all-in with Fortnite after partnering with Epic to launch the Galaxy Note 9 with a (brief) exclusive on the game. Buyers of the Note 9 and Tab S4 also get a custom character skin, and this is at the heart of Samsung's new contest. Posting a screenshot of your latest conquest can win you a ton of gaming gear or a chance to play a few rounds with noted Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

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Google found a major security flaw in the Android Fortnite installer, but it has already been fixed

The decision by Epic Games to distribute Fornite outside the Google Play Store has been widely criticized. Since the initial game installation and subsequent updates are handled by the Fornite launcher app, instead of the Play Store (or Galaxy Apps on Samsung devices), Epic has to build its own security infrastructure. In a moment of "I told you so," the first major security flaw with Fortnite for Android has been discovered by none other than Google.

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Fortnite beta invites are going out, as first wave comes to non-Samsung phones

As per an official Tweet yesterday evening from Epic Games, the developer has clearly stated that it has opened up the Fortnite Android Beta to more devices. This is only the first wave of invites, but more will surely follow. So if you haven't signed up yet, make sure to navigate to Epic's website to get on the waiting list.

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