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Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 speeds on to the Play Store

Last month, the team behind popular sports sim Motorsport Manager announced that they were gearing up for the release a sequel on mobile. The original game is one of the highest rated of its kind on Android, with a 4.7 rating and more than half a million downloads. The long awaited Motorsport Management Mobile 2 is now on the Play Store, promising "more depth, and more awesomeness."

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Codemasters ports racing simulator F1 2016 from consoles to Android

There are more than a few racing games available on Android, but more technical racing simulators are a bit hard to come by. That's probably because mobile controls and hardware limitations don't appeal to developers (or players) hungry for painstaking accuracy. But today we get a new racing sim, from Codemasters no less - the developer of such franchises as GRID and Dirt, among many others. F1 2016, originally released on the PC and consoles in August, now has a full Android version on the Play Store for $10.

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Official Formula 1 App Crosses The Android Market Finish Line, Puts You At The Heart Of The Action

The 2011 Formula One season is set to start this Sunday, and what better way to kick it off than with the introduction of the official F1 timing app for Android.

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There have been a number of F1 apps available in the Android Market, however they have all had their shortcomings. Some have been slow, some have prematurely crashed, some have had cumbersome and ugly interfaces, and some just plain did not work. So, I am ecstatic that have finally decided to launch their own app, and I can't wait for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend to test it out.

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